Friday, September 07, 2007

Good More News

Just passing through, but two good pieces of news:

Wikipedia is about to hit the 2 million english article mark. They always show the count on the front page when you go to search. It's currently at 1,985,000 articles. Here's to you, Wikipedia.

Second piece of good news, our two lovely Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, seemed to have weathered out the dust storms during Mars' dusty season and are getting closer to being ready to adventure again. During the several months of dust storms they don't get nearly enough solar energy to run at full capacity, so they've been hibernating. The storms are dying down, so it's just about time to power up again. For a mission that's lasted way more than twice as long as it was planned, those are some pretty pimp rovers.

Two pieces of good news. Thought y'all might like it.

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Nathan said...

Way to go, little guys! ^_^