Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday at Midnight

What ever happened to midnight? Back in the day it used to carry such weight.

"And then, as the clock struck midnight, the mysterious cow jumped over the even more mysterious fence! Oh, just wait, it gets even better..."

Yeah, it's midnight. I'm wide awake. My dad is downstairs watching C-span. I really wouldn't be too surprised by somebody knocking on the door or calling the cell.

I think the industrial revolution cost Midnight his job of being the middle of the night. My middle of the night is three to four. If something mysterious is gonna happen, it's gonna happen then. Five o'clock is just really early and anywhere from midnight to two is latter evening.

If I was going to jump over a mysterious fence, I'd do it at three thirty.

-A lower range for my voice (I can almost, almost hit an F...)
-A bigger lung capacity (I can almost, almost last three measures....)
-Hot-Glue resistant fingers


Rachel Frost said...

Yeah, I tend to go to bed around midnight right now... I have to get up at 5:30 in the mornings so my middle of the night is around 3, too... so, mid-night has become start-of-night. Actually... it used to be worse... 2am and I'm still awake... I remember those days. If I did that today I'd die.

Nathan said...

What ever happened to midnight? Back in the day it used to carry such weight.

Too true. Where'd you go, twelvie?

For me, these hours are organized thusly:

9-11: early night. Evening's done, but the night is young.

11-12: should look at going to bed.

12-2: late.

2-3: midnight.

3-9: early morning.