Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Back - For a Limited Time Only

Hey friends, I'm back.

Once upon a time Chris went to college and his blog turned emo. While this was an important stage in the life of Chris, his blog didn't like it. Then Chris underwent some growth and became considerably less emo. His blog, recognizing that Chris wasn't going to post lyrics to emotional songs anymore, decided to change his looks a bit and once again embrace the world.

Cool story, eh?

So, I'm back, for a little more than two months. I'm pretty happy with the graphical changes. They took far longer than they should have, but I think they're pretty decent. I still have some work to do with how the actual text looks, not sure how that's going to work out. But in the meantime, enjoy the new banner and background. At least I got the title right this time.

What happened over the past six months of my life? What's been on my mind? What's been important to me? We'll get there, well, at least as much as we can get there, I promise.

State of the union: May 5th, 2009-

Last Wednesday I received a mission call. I've been called to serve in the Texas Dallas mission, Spanish speaking. I'll be entering the MTC on July 15th. I am blown away at how incredible this all is. I'm happy and enthusiastic about all of this, and I'm so ready to get to work getting prepared.

Last Friday I completed my second semester at Utah State. My grades were what I expected, and I will be keeping my scholarship. I feel like I learned a whole lot from my time at Utah State. I've faced challenging days and I've faced days that were far too easy. I'm taking it all as a net gain, and I'm very happy with it. I'm excited to be away from school for 2.5 years, and to come back with more determination than ever.

Here I am, at home, for a little more than two months. I'm in an entirely new period of my life. I've never been here before, and I will never be here again. It's a short period, only two months long. There are very few things that linger over from the past six months of my life. Things began changing very rapidly last week, and they continue to change and will continue to change for quite some time.

This freshness and newness of life gives me a lot of opportunities that I'm excited to take. I'm living in a town I haven't lived in for eight months. The weather is finally nice. I have no job, but I may be getting one soon. I no longer have monthly bills, I no longer have scheduled classes, and I no longer live with anyone that isn't related to me. For two months, I'm facing a life I've never faced before.

I'm here because I want to come back. I've got things to say, things to explore. This blog, like I've always said, is here to make the world a tiny bit better of a place. It makes the world a better place because it makes me a little bit better. Since I'm part of the world, and since I'm getting better, the world is getting better because I'm typing here. No battle. I don't feel like that was happening during my emo-blog period. I feel like that stage has passed, and that we can all get back to what's important.

Where will it take me? I've got no idea. This may be an awesome flop. But hey, at least I got a cool banner out of it, right?

I'm out, but I'm going to be back. Ladies and gentlemen, I made it. I passed my first two semesters. I kept my head up, and we made it through. I'm finally here. This is incredible.


Jaron Frost said...

Good to hear it, Thatcher. :) You're doing great. I was just wondering what happened to that great blogger we were all inspired by!

Unknown said...

Woo! It's not the TSAM, but it's Texas! Congrats, man! Can't wait to have you in the same state again!

--E. Sly Pig (first time on the blog in months, and always seeing good news)