Wednesday, May 27, 2009


There was an excellent moment tonight. I got home and was hungry, so I and went about searching for something to hit the perfect spot. In a flash of glory, the idea of microwaving a quesadilla hit me like a tidal wave of satisfaction. A quesadilla was exactly what I needed right then.

So I made the quesadilla and it was fantastic. I loved it. And I'm just here tonight to say that sometimes the perfect solution is a quesadilla. It's not often that a perfect solution is easily available or even in existence. Some decisions are so difficult that no matter what choice one makes someone gets hurt. The quesadilla question wasn't like that. I needed something to eat, and a quesadilla was, without question, the perfect solution. No compromises, no trade-offs-- nothing but delicious cheesy goodness.

So hey, life is worth living- we've got quesadillas.


Rebbie Becky said...

oooh a quesadilla sounds soo good right now!! thanks for keeping life in perspective and reminding us all of the little things, like yummy food! Life is good.

P.S.- Congrats on your mission call! Texas is lucky to have you!

Sam said...

Quesadillas rock my world. End of story. Life is fantastic.