Thursday, January 02, 2020

Gratitude Journal - Jan 1, 2020

Yeah, so I'm doing this. One of my three OKRs (don't ask...) for 2020 is gratitude. One of the "key results" for this will be to write a gratitude journal each day. These will likely be short, poorly written, and without much context. They will frequently appear in my hand-written journal. If not there, I will post *something* here. It might come from my phone and it might suck. All I'm saying is not to expect much, alright?

Jan 1, 2020 ->
Grateful for:

  • Good friends who invited us over for dinner (Little Caesar's) tonight. Very kind to share their evening with us. Our kids get along great, and it was fun to see them play together. 
  • Friendly neighborhood. We took a walk around our neighborhood today as E learned to ride his new scooter. A quite drunk neighbor invited us in to watch the game. Lots of people said happy new year. It felt good to be out among my people. 
  • Good health insurance. I strongly disagree with our current health care situation. But I'm grateful that my family has what we need. I'm especially grateful for my pediatric endocrinologist, who very firmly taught me at a young age what kind of career I'd need in order to stay alive. The dude legit sat me down and said "I've got former patients who are 20 years old that come in for 'samples' of insulin to stay alive. You have to get a good job with a big company that will offer you health insurance. It's cute to 'follow your dreams', but you can't afford to do that if it doesn't come with health insurance." Sounds harsh (lol, it was), but I'm really grateful for it. 
  • On that note: I'm grateful for the mentors that have been around. As I've become more aware of my privilege I've really considered all the people that helped me get where I am. I was around lots of great people who showed me valuable things about life. I had lots of siblings that went before and paved a really solid path for me. I went to school and work with people expecting good things from me because they knew which family I came from. I knew what classes to take in college (and from which professors) because of my awesome family that figured it out first. My pediatrician, my freakin' chemistry teacher / cross country coach, my stage crew teacher / carpet install manager / friend (Tom Sharpe). Good humans. Spent time helping me. I'm grateful for that.
K that's enough. Go to bed. Spoiler alert: That Righting Software book is fetching great. Going to post some notes-- maybe tomorrow from the bus. It's legit though. 

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