Monday, January 20, 2020


Is anyone else irritated that this gratitude journal thing works pretty well? Like I've got issues that are non trivial. And here this "enumerate the good things in your life" advice comes along and does improve the way I feel. 

Grateful for Naproxen. My daughter got dropped on my broken rib today and it was really bad. Just really not good. But two Aleve liquigels and a few hours later and I'm back to feeling good. Medicine is great. We should definitely keep using it.

Grateful for my wife and I being on the same page. Sunday school was hard today. Lesson was on Lehi's vision of the tree of life. As I've gotten older that vision has become more and more meaningful to me. The trouble is that the vision (and like, all scripture tbh) is open for lots of different interpretations. And my interpretation is different from the *very linear and proscriptive* interpretations offered by well meaning class members today. So we were both... Irritated by it today? Either way we talked and are on the same page. Most times you just have to love ward members and ignore their opinions that aren't doctrine and don't jive with yours. 

Grateful for my wife's delicious cake she made today. It was good!


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