Sunday, January 05, 2020


Dude the Blogger App is surprisingly bad. Not sure what that's about.

- the Jazz won tonight. That makes me happy. 
- My kids are adorable when they're asleep, and they are currently asleep.
- Central Texas winters are just beautiful. I could do this all year no sweat. 
- My wife made really good German Pancakes today. I was happy to eat them, but more happy with how proud of them she was.
- Grubby has been streaming Heroes of the Storm lately. I enjoy those casts. I'm learning it's okay to jump from video game to video game. I don't need to be professional or just dedicate myself to exactly one game.
- Church starts at 10:30 tomorrow! I've had 9am church for forever and I freaking hate it. Very happy to have a later start.
- Big hugs from my daughter today. Lots of cuddles with my son. Good kids.

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