Saturday, September 24, 2005

"...But he commands fifty!"

Whoa, it's definitely been a while since I've blogged, and I've got alot of business to talk about. Lots of pretty awesome stuff happened this week, and more awesome stuff is about to be happening pretty soon.

So, three awesome stories, starting now.


So, we're at cross country on tuesday, and our crazy assistant coach that lives in the woods showed up again. Now, I have no idea who this crazy guy is. He just shows up sometimes. He says he graduated from taylorsville in '91, but I'm not sure I believe him. Other than that he doesnt have any relation to the school or team at all, but they call him the assistant coach. Anywhom, he's chilling out with us before we go out to practice, and coach molen is there too.

Asst. Coach: "Hey, you mind if I talk a little race strategy with them before they go out?"

Molen: "Sure, go for it"

Asst. Coach: "Ok, what is the #1 mistake high school cross country people make?"

Girls Chorus: "Starting out too fast..."

Asst. Coach: "That's right, last meet everybody sprinted out too fast, and I was asking some other coaches about it, and they were telling me that you were supposed to sprint out, and thats just stup-"

Molen: "No, they're right, you have to sprint out or you get boxed in. You have to sprint."

Asst. Coach: "No, you really can't sprint, you've got to-"

Molen: "What are you talking about? If you don't sprint you're screwed out there."

Asst. Coach: "If you sprint out there you're gonna get ti-"

Molen: "Guys, go... just run... go, now."

And with that, we all booked it away from there as fast as we could. In the middle of this crazy man that lives in the woods' speech, molen took away his audience. The whole team was laughing about it during the whole workout, it was so cool. Ive never loved molen quite so much as I did then. Man he's cool.

Now, there was another really cool story I wanted to tell right here, but I definitely forgot it. Dang, that bites big time. Oh well, onward and upward to awesome story 3!

Yesterday in fitness for life, after we did our stretches and situps, we went out to the track to run. Now, of course Josh fallows is trash talking, because that's what he does. "Yeah, lets go run 6 straight laps backwards!" What a nutjob. Anyways, so coach, being the stallion he is, says:

"Alright, listen up. Today Josh is gonna run the mile, and we're going to watch him. If he can do it under.. oh... say 7 and a half minutes, nobody has to run. If he gets over 7 and a half, we ALL have to run."

So, Josh agrees, the time is started, and josh sprints out like a madman. At about 150 meters he plops and just goes slower than kyle in a wheelchair. After a lap of this, Coach says I can pace him, so I take coach's watch, and run with josh. Josh is running pretty slow, and he won't really speed up for me. When we finish this lap, Josh just stops. "I can't finish, I'm done".

So, Coach is pretty dissappointed, and josh is like "let thatcher finish for me" and coach says "Nah" and im like "Coach! Let me finish for him!" and he's like "No" and im like "Hey, I'll run another 3 laps under the time!" Coach says ".....Run"

So it's on. The time right now reads something like 3:30. That means I've got 4 minutes to run 3 laps. Thats a 1:20 lap. That's nothing I can't do, its just something I don't do often, especially when I'm not trained for the mile. Sure, I can run 3 miles, but not 1 really really really fast. Anywhom, I book it out of there, determined to make this happen.

So, lap one goes fine, lap two hurts, but it's alright. When I'm headed for lap 3 I check my watch and I've got about 60 seconds to do it, definitely not enough time. Well, I book it anyways, trying to make it happen. I end up crossing the finish line at 7:42, 12 seconds over the time limit.

Coach says "Well... I held you up for about 10 seconds anyways, so nobody has to run." Then he gave me a high five and pat on the back, and brought all the class together and made them cheer for me, it was pretty cool, I felt like a stallion. So, I saved the day, and had a good time doing it. I know I'm a glory hog, but boy was that fun.

It's funny, I didn't have to tell that story, because Marissa is the only one that is going to read this, and she was there, but I really wanted to tell it anyways. I really did feel cool. It made my day!

So, numerous people have asked me who I like these days. Well, I've been meaning to tell people for a long time, I just never have. So, finally, after several weeks of not doing this, I'm going to do it.

*deep breath*

I like Marissa. Again. That's right. Light your torches, pitchforks, send me letter bombs. Thats the way I feel, and if you don't like it, well, I'm sorry. But, I'm done listening to the anti-Marissa lobby.

See, I went into high school actually liking her, but I was pretty sure that that was a bad idea. Not only had she just gotten over me, and probably thought I was mostly a scumbag, but the whole anti-marissa lobby had me convinced it was a bad plan. So, I'm thinking "Ok, I go to high school, plenty of new, cute, cool girls there, things will be dandy." So, I'm totally on the prowl, searching for awesome ladies, and it just doesn't work. I honestly couldn't find a girl that met the criteria as well as marissa does. But, I was not to be discouraged, I kept searching.

Well, one half of a term later, Marissa is still winning. She's cute, modest, smart, fun to be around, She's got talent up the wazoo, and she's nice to me. She totally made my day yesterday, because she told me she was impressed. Sure, the whole class cheering for me was pretty cool and all, but her telling me good job meant alot more to me than anything else that happened that day.

I've been thinking about her alot lately, and thats the way things are. I know she doesn't like me, and that's alright. I mean, she'd be pretty stupid to like me. But that doesn't change the way that I feel. I like you Marissa, and I'm finally saying it. Hooray for me.

Well, that's all I've got for the day. There's alot more that I meant to write, but I think that will do for now. Keep on truckin' out there. Toodles~


riss. said...


riss. said...

that whole "anti-marissa" thing was led by the way.

CJThatcher said...

I know it was all my fault Marissa. I'm not saying it wasnt. It makes me pretty sad, but I'll be fine. I'm sorry I made you read all that, but it had to be said. It really does kill me, but oh well right. Not much to be done now. Toodles.

CJThatcher said...

Yes, thank you briahna, I appreciate that;)