Friday, September 02, 2005


0-49. Good game warriors. Last football game I ever go to on my own free will.

As I sat there in the bleachers by myself I realized something: I'm pretty dumb.

Yeah, I don't talk to people anymore. For whatever reasons, I just don't do it. Right now I'd be more content to sit and stare at a random piece of sidewalk than carry on a conversation with a girl. Not that I don't want to talk,but it seems I can't talk these days. Why? I don't know, I'm just socially retarded.

So, I'm not very excited about that piece of news. Pretty sad about it actually. I don't have friends at high school, and that blows chunks. Kyle's gone, twins are gone. No classes with any of them really. I've got like, 40 minutes with kyle on gold days, but that's band and we don't talk. No lunch with the boys either. I sat alone at lunch today for about half the time till courtney and wilma and hali came and sat by me. This is weird business.

I didn't go running today. Boo. I like running, even though it hurts afterwards its good for me. I guess im going to do that tomorrow, probably about 4. Sounds like fun.

So yeah, I'm pretty down tonight, but I'll be dandy when I wake up tomorrow morning. isn't that cool? this whole sadness thing never makes it through a good nights rest or a good nap. Convenient.

Anyways, enough emotional business for a whole day and a half.

Today in seminary Brother Pearce gave us this cool assignment. He split us all into groups of 4, and then said we're going to play a game. Now, there's only one rule to the game. "Build the tallest tower" Then he handed out some straws, some tape, and a couple index cards. He gave different ammounts to each group. Well, my group ended up with 2 straws, an index card, and a bunch of tape. It was me, robert, courtney, and malyssa.

We were very much lacking materials, but we had some killer brains behind the project. We decided that if I stood on a desk, and robert was on my shoulders, and robert had some straws taped to his forehead, we could probably win. Now, we didn't win. A conglomerate of 4 groups actually ended up beating us, but we were dang close to winning the imaginary prize. I nearly killed robert, that was pretty cool. The moral of the story is, when you're trying to make a tower, dont make a conglomerate of 4 groups, it makes me feel bad when I lose.

Umm, I don't have anything to do tomorrow, and i'm happy about that. No work, no school, no family reunions. Days off are pretty nice.

So.... yeah. happy business.


Anonymous said...
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riss. said...

your blogs are so long, it gives lots of material to comment on.

warriors suck at just about everything. the end. They should have an academic team. They have NAL for high school...we just don't have one.

Just talk to people. Even if you don't feel comforatable with it for a little while, it'll all be good in the end.

make new friends. end of story. you can keep the old ones. everyone loves friends, but you can make new ones too....

I wish when i was down, it didnt last through the're lucky.

Brother Pearce is awesome. I love seminary.

Stay happy. yeah. the end. and days off are kickin.