Sunday, September 04, 2005

Thoughts on Frisbee

PC Cillin, you've made a powerful enemy today.

Oh, don’t worry, I had just written up a pretty long blog about all my hopes and dreams and wishes, when it decided to jack me, and get rid of it. Now, this is mostly my fault. It’s about 12:06, and I know it always happens around now. And I am using firefox, so I was asking for it. But c'mon, that’s just not even cool.

Dang. That’s irritating.

Anyways, things are going a lot better. I'm not going to rewrite everything I had written before about New Orleans. I had my really cool plan for rebuilding it all drawn up. But now that’s gone, and I don’t want to rewrite it, so I'll commence where I left off, at Frisbee.

Mainly, I want to build a Frisbee empire. Frisbee is not a high school sport like Frisbee, but I think one day it will have the potential to become one. I want to make that happen. My dad was trying to trick me into doing an eagle project a couple weeks ago. Whenever I was looking for ideas, he'd say "Well, what are you passionate about?" The only thing that I could think of that I was passionate about was Frisbee. Perhaps I shall make Frisbee a recognized sport for granite district. If not, maybe I'll die trying. Chances are neither of those two scenarios will come to fruition, but I can sure try.

So, here's the plan.

Step 1 is to get a ton of people playing Frisbee on a regular basis like we had last summer. Last summer every Friday all of Andrew’s buddies would get together and play Frisbee at night. I always went along because sometimes they needed extra guys, and I loved it. See, problem is they were all seniors, and now most of that generation is off and away at college. So that leaves me to create it again. There's a Frisbee vacuum here, and somebody has to fill it.

Step 2 is to get us to be an official club. Everyone and their dog can make a club if they can get a teacher to sponsor them for club rush week or whatever the crud it is. My plan is to trick somebody into letting me make an ultimate Frisbee club. That's crucial.

Step 3 is to find other people like us from other schools. I'm sure there are a bunch of people from cottonwood that get together to play. My mission is to find them, and then challenge them. Imagine if you and a bunch of friends always get together to play and then some ruffians from Murray send you a DVD that challenges you to a game. Not only are you infuriated at their boldness, but you determine to beat them, so you practice harder, and get ready for a crazy good game.

Step 4 is very similar to step 3. We find more people, and set them up to play other people. I set myself up a nice little website with a schedule, forums, stats, and all that other cool business. Pretty soon, clubs from schools are meeting up, playing, and getting better.

Step 5 ends in a tournament. Organize an official tournament, run by myself, and offer an actual prize. Now, prizes are hard to come by. But it'd have to be something actually worth it. Money perhaps? Or maybe I could get some local business to donate something. Anyways, it'd be publicized.

Step 6 is the culmination of my eagle project. After establishing clubs in all the schools around, I send a killer letter/DVD to granite district, telling them that if they don’t support it as a real sport I'm going to blow up a building. They're forced to accept, and ultimate Frisbee is now a high school sport. I go on to receive a Nobel Prize for my work, and live happily ever after in my gym shorts.

Doesn't that sound like an awesome plan? I would so love to play ultimate Frisbee against another team. We always just played pickup games with Andrew, but to get an organized team against somebody else you've never seen before. That'd be amazing. It'd be even cooler if it was against someone you had a grudge against, like Murray. Ultimate Frisbee has potential to take off super super fast. All it needs is a little encouragement. Tada!

So, basically I really wanna play Frisbee. I'm Frisbee hungry. I'm tempted to buy me one of those cool FlashFlights. I will champion the cause of Ultimate Frisbee. There will be no stopping me. It'd be a dream come true to play college Frisbee. That'd be so amazingly fun. Frisbee for life.


riss. said...

thats just another thing for taylorsville to be really really bad at, eh?

and I have THE coolest idea for a club to make this year...its going to be rad. make sure you join. I'll tell you later.

CJThatcher said...

Excuse me?

How the devil would taylorsville suck at it with me on the team?!?!?!

Nick said...

Die trying? Hmm... "And in other news today, beloved Frisbee pioneer Christopher Thatcher died today in a drive-by Frisbeeing, a crime reportedly committed by his opponents, who are not for fun for kids of any age." Hey, that would be kinda cool... oh, except for the you dying part.