Monday, September 19, 2005

High Fives

Today was a rather dandy day. I just got back from jogging for an hour. I ran super super slow, but I was out there for a full hour, and it felt great. I know it didn't do me much good because it was so soft, but I'm still proud of myself. I mean, that's at least 6 miles right there, if not 7. I'm going to figure it out tomorrow with my mad orienteering skills I picked up at scout camp.

School is going pretty good. I'm not gonna get a 4.0 at midterm, but I should scratch one by end of term. My CPA is gonna blow chunks, simply because of chemistry, but oh well. Nobody likes coming to class on time anyways. Everything else is an A though, and chem is an A-. I got 104 on the math test, that was kind of fun. I wonder what I'm going to get on world history, I sure hope it's good.

Cross country is coming along. Only 3 or 4 meets left. The team is really cool, and meets are actually kind of fun. I know I'm not pushing myself as hard as I could be, but I'm staying in shape, and having fun, and I think that's important right now. I know I'm not going to win any races, and my points don't count against the team because im always 6th place, so its just a happy time. I'm liking it. Endorphins are where it's at.

So, the high school lady situation... Definitely needs some work. But that's alright. It's not keeping me down or anything. I think I'm going to start programming again. Now that I know that im not gonna program for a living, I can just play around in visual basic and not feel guilty about not learning C++. Hooray, maybe I'll finally finish snake;).

So, my life right now is going pretty good. The girl I like doesn't notice me, but that's fine. I'm quite content to play frisbee and grow up to be a lonely old man. So, yeah, marathon here I come. High fives.


riss. said...


marathon, eh? that was my goal. Run a marathon before I finish high school. I hope I can still do yeah.

riss. said...

oh...and *hi five!*