Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Well, That's my pumpkin for this year. I decided to stick it to the man and blow off that stupid idea of using patterns, and return to the old school. Sure it doesn't look al lthat cool, but it makes a statement. That's right, my pumpkin was political this year, hooray!

Well, not too much has been going on lately. Life has been getting steadily better for the past couple weeks, it's been nice, and I've been figuring things out. Anyways, since apparently its the "hip" or "in" thing to do to post poetry on blogs, fasten your seatbelts, I actually wrote some:D.

I wrote this in English over a course of about 8 minutes today. It's called a Sestina, and it's one crazy format. You choose 6 words, and they have to be at the ends of certain lines in certain patterns and stuff, it's insanity. The subject was "Macbeth, ghouls, stabbing, ghosts, scary things, kings, dead, floating daggers, blah blah blah" My 6 words were: Gangrene, Mistress, Traffic, Parliament, Hags, and Fatal. I went a little crazy, but I'm proud of it, so here it goes: (Tip, don't try to read it in sentences or lines, it doesnt work:D)

His gangrene
arm had been stabbed by his mistress
during heavy traffic
near the parliament
building. Five hags
fell out of a window, fatally.

The stab wound wasn't fatal
but it sure hurt 'cause of the gangrene.
His mistress
cussed at cars in traffic.
made a law against pushing hags

out windows. The hags
rejoiced, and fatally
wounded a mailman. Gangrene
is a bad problem. Mistresses
generally aren't liked by wives. Traffic
makes people want to stab members of parliament.

people hate getting shot, especially by hags.
Macbeth's craziness was fatal
for king Duncan. No gangrene,
just death. I wonder if the king had a mistress.

around the castle was very heavy, I hate traffic.
ought to make a law about it. Hags
would like that. Sneezing can be fatal
when combined with gangrene.
Stabbing mistresses

is a bad pastime. Mistresses
don't like being stabbed. Traffic
stabbings are common in Scotland. Parliament
is fun to watch on C-span. Hags
have beards, even though they should be fatal
ladies. They are smelly and have gangrene.

Macbeth fatally stabbed the king before he could develop gangrene.
The traffic at the funeral was heavy, hags, members of parliament,
and various mistresses came to pay their final respects.

Hooray for poetry! I'm pretty proud of that baby.

In other news, I went trick or treating tonight, without a bag. I went out with a frisbee, and just gave all the candy that I got to James. That was pretty fun business. We saw some 12 year old kid smoking a cigarette, and it just made me giggle my pants off. Fortunately, my shorts stayed on. But in all seriousness, it was just hilarious. The kid couldn't have been out of the 7th grade, and he was smoking. Good luck breathing to that kid. I would love to see him run a mile. I don't get why you'd do that, but hey, its not my life eh? Maybe he wants to rebel or something.

Well, nothing else really to write about, except a proposition of mine. To stir up comments, I am going to let you all direct my next post. It is question and answer time, as well as request time. So, everybody, leave me a comment asking a question you'd like answered, or some request. If you want to hear me talk about anything, ask me to and I promise I will. If you want me to get a picture of the giant mushroom that is sitting in the bucket outside underneath the porch, leave a comment asking for it, and I'll do my best to post one.

So, all of you that ought to be playing the stock market game now, leave a comment, and my next post will answer you something great, it's going to be great fun. I expect good comments dangit, go post!

so yeah, life is going good, things are peachy. I ought to nail my 4.0 this term, providing I don't bomb chemistry somehow. I'm going to start running again, and just go exploring. I get to play frisbee this weekend, and I'm nearly drooling over it. I love frisbee more than I love smothered burritos. I'm gonna take that practice ACT test on Friday, you all ought to too. We don't have school that day, but its a cool practice test, and that's just gonna be fun. I don't know, I love tests. After that I'm thinking Halo at my place. Remiscent of Kyle's on saturday. It's gonna be fun.

So, life is good. Leave a comment. tell me my pumpkin looks good, tell me it sucks. Tell me my poem is good, tell me it blows chunks. Ask me who I like, tell me I'm repulsive, say you like my hair, I honestly don't care. As long as you post a comment, I will be happy. I know that Kyle, Levi, james, jason, and nick are all going to read this someday, and I expect comments from all of you. Just post as anonymous, it's not hard guys. If you don't know how to post a comment, just click on the little "0 comments" link at the bottom of this little post, it's not tough. C'mon, I'm comment starved. Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme Lookatme! Yay, life is good, and I really like my pumpkin. G'night all y'alls.


riss. said...

My pumpkin was better. And never, in my whole life, have I used a pattern. sucker.

Your hair is weird. haha. You asked for this comment....

Who do you like?

And the poem was kindof weird too. Why in the heck did you pick a word like gangrene?!

Nick said...

1) Your pumpkin is okay.
2) Sticking it to teh man r0x0rz.
3) I like your hair, it's just not as cool as mine.
4) You're not that repulsive.
5) I agree; who do you like?
6) Your poem was pretty awesome.
7) I like sheep.
8) I like numbered lists.
9) That is all.

Anonymous said...

Nice Pumpkin. Nice hair.My hair's better.You're repulsive.Who do you like? Great poem.I kinda ripped Nick's comment.

Here's some questions to be addressed in your next post:
1. Are you homosexual?
2. Does diabetes hurt?
Ok, I'm out of questions.

I got %105 on my Math test with no extra credit other than the bonus question. Beat that! And I got %100 on my physics test. And I'm gonna own that chemistry test too. And even though we're the only two people in the school that care so much about this...I think I'll have a 4.0 too.


Anonymous said...

I didn't carve a pumpkin, but your s was pretty dandelicious.
Hair is for the weak.
I didn't read your poem, it looked long.
Loos is back, gotta go.

Anonymous said...

I am addicted to your blogs! I thought your poem was pretty cool. I love tests too! What kind of girls are you interested in? What kind of music do you listen to?

Nick said...

I thought of a question: Who would win in a cage match battle to the death: Picard or Kirk? Now if that's not nerdy, I don't know what the heck is.