Thursday, October 27, 2005

DO DO DO....dododododo! (That's maelstrom if you can't tell)

No philosophy yet, because there's nothing to write about yet. So, you get more me blogs! Hooray!

Last week was UEA, and I didn't do half the amazing stuff I wanted to. However, I did finally make it up to Logan to hang out with Andrew and Nathan for a couple hours. It wasn't 2 whole days like I wanted it to be, but it was fun, and I got to play raquetball. I am definitely taking a CC class next year, just so I can get into the SLCC gym for free to play. It's cool, because you can get a friend in for a buck with your SLCC student card, so if a couple of my friends take CC classes, its definitely fun date time. Nick isn't invited though, I hear he's good, and I don't want to be embarassed in front of the ladies and kyle.

Anyways, back to UEA. Me and Steph painted the family room, against the will of our Mother. She said it was alright, but she didn't really want us to do it simply because she thought we'd start, and wouldn't finish. Well, we did most of it during UEA, and then Steph finished it yesterday, it's pretty good. Hooray for painting.

This week has been crazy talk, but mostly alright. School hasn't been all that hard, no homework yet, no tests, just kind of coasting through it. The only stressful thing that has happened this week was filming for the seminary video.

So, they asked me to help them with video's a couple weeks ago, and didn't say anything to me between then and tuesday. So, I go tuesday because that's when they were planning to do it, and things were just a tiny bit unorganized. Problem being: "Oh, we don't have a camera." Plus, they had a general idea of what they were doing, but they didn't have it down concrete, and thats never a good idea. Videos are tough to make, you need to know exactly what you're doing beforehand or it takes 3 hours.

3 hours later, we had found a camera, driven around, and filmed almost all of it. We ended up getting the camera from one of the girl's on council, and filming most of it at her house and robert frost elementary. We were filming the last scene (in her kitchen) when horrible things began to happen. The camera was on the tripod, and I picked up the tripod to move it. In ways unbeknowst to me, it had managed to unscrew itself.

That's right, I dropped her camera.

Dropping cameras is a bad idea in general. You all know you shouldn't do it. Its the thing everybody fears most, that someone will borrow their camera and drop it. I am now public enemy numero uno, I borrowed a camera and dropped it.

In the movies whenever a priceless artifact get's dropped, or something tense happens that involves gravity, time slows down. Frame by frame you can see the object falling, and hundreds of hands reaching to save it. I don't know what it is, but that's how it went for me. I could see it tip off of the tripod, and almost gracefully fall like a lead block through the air. Nothing was there to stop it but the floor, it just tumbled.

I don't know what these video cameras are made of, but NASA needs to look into it. I swear the camera bounced 9 times. Each one bringing a new horrifying crunch, and making me want to be invisible and back at my house underneath the bed instead of trying to help with videos and ruining expensive and nice digital cameras. I honestly believe that had I dropped the camera and a super ball from the same height at the same time, the super ball would have stopped bouncing first.

It wasn't just one swift blow to my soul, it was 7, one right after another. I nearly died. The girl who's camera it was ran to pick it up, and I was standing there in shock. She quickly checked the outside for damage, and said optimistically "I think that was like that before..." She didn't grasp the seriousness of the situation though. External flaws are one thing, but if I screwed up the lenses, it was all over for me. Ignoring her, I took a glimpse at the view screen, and it was 100% fuzzy. Not a discernable shape to be found. At about this point her mom walked into the kitchen, and if possible, I felt even worse than before. Half of me wanted to bust into tears and apologize, and the other half wanted to whistle my heart away and then run home as fast as I could. Well, I can't whistle, but I wasn't about to tell her what happened. So, I held the camera, and acted like everything was dandy. One of the other guys started whistling, and that was mildly reassuring. Since I figured hasty action was needed, I escaped to the other room to check it out. I popped open the view screen, and despite everything I had been wishing for with all my heart in the other room, it was still fuzzy, no magical solution to cover up my blunders. I turned her off, then back on again.

Fuzzy yet. I flipped the night shot mode on, then back off. Then, like an old and tired lady getting up from a nap, it regained focus. I don't know how it did it, but to me that sharp and clear image was better than Christmas.

I went back into the other room to assure them that everything was alright, by then her mom had left. I feel bad not telling her personally that I dropped her camera, but that it's ok. I'm sure the girl will though. There are actually some glaring defects externally, but nothing life altering. The little tape eject deal is a mite screwed up, and not exactly totally automated like it was before, but it's ok. you just have to push to close it instead of it doing it itself. It's faster this way anyways.

Well, I got home at about 5:10-ish, and found out my parents had nearly sent out a whole manhunt looking for me. I had mentioned to my mom that we'd be filming that day, but I only said it once, and I guess she didn't remember it. They didn't actually tell me they thought I was dead somewhere, but I found out when Kyle called and was super relieved that I was home and not dead and still able to play warcraft. Apparently they had called everywhere I might be, because they called alot of people back to tell them I wasn't dead after I got home. Kinda crazy really, but nice to know I'm loved right?

And now, enough about the past. Tomorrow is super hero day, and I'm gonna go crazy. I love dressing up, it's just kicks and giggles. I don't have anything especially cool planned for tomorrow, but it's going to be fun. There's a scout camp in my backyard tomorrow night.... that's going to be something else. Instead of going to the party I was going to go to, I have to go to the ward halloween party, then sleep in a tent in the rain with a bunch of 12 year olds in the backyard. Hooray! It'll be alright I guess, I'm just not overly excited for it.

Oh, I nearly forgot. Over UEA I uploaded my caminos video onto Google Video. You should all go watch it, I'm still kinda proud of it. You don't have to download it, since google is amazing, you can just watch it straight off.

Caminos Peligrosos
^^^Click above, the link is white for some reason

And, just for fun, here are all of Andrew's super cool seminary videos he made. Hooray for google video!

^^^Click above, the link is white for some reason

Well, that's all for tonight. Life is pretty good. The camera has been returned to it's rightful owner, and that's a major relief for me. I was on tenterhooks all day today because I knew it was just sitting in my locker, and I was afraid a terrorist was going to climb in there and blow himself up, just to screw me over. It's like the ring in lord of the rings. Super powerful, but bad things happen to those who use it, namely me.


Nick said...

Don't worry, Chris; I wouldn't embarrass you too much. But I must warn you, the ladies do find me pretty attractive, so I can't help you in that department.

riss. said...

^^is that nick!? trippy.

and the links are red. don't worry about it. I'll post a better comment later.