Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Best day of my life? Probably.


WOW! I just spell checked this beast, and I spelled everything right! Sure, “Canadian” wasn’t capitalized, and all my “I’m”s were “im”s but good crap, its spelled right, and I’m so excited about that. Could today get any better? I contest that it could not!

*end edit

Wow, today kicked butt. Right now it's 4:02 PM, and things are great. Why? Because my legs don't hurt, I can breathe, my appendix feels like a million dollars, and I'm not in gym shorts.

That’s right, after cross country I actually had the energy left to change back into my jeans, how cool is that? That’s the first time that has happened this whole year. Cross country rocked to the max today. We ran 4 miles just as a run, no stadiums, no sprinting, just good old running and messing around with the team. Boy that felt good. It felt super great to just get out there and run again. Mmmmmm, I love it so.

School today was rather enjoyable. I was falling asleep in physics, but that’s to be expected right? "So... that's the constant acceleration gravity I guess" -Mr. Olsen. He's a studmuffin that Mr. Olsen is. Physics is a pretty cool class.

I love my English class. It's got a ton of Eisenhower people in it that are pretty cool, so I've got friends, and the class is just so cool. Ward is hilarious, and she makes me think and write, which most people can't do. Today's "thinker" was to write 3 haikus, and you had to use at least 7 vocabulary words. Well, I managed to work about 10 in, and I was actually proud of my haikus. I'm rarely proud of my work I do in any English class, but I'm just always excited when I finish my stuff in Ward's. She makes me want to write! I love that class.

So, region cross country meet is Friday, and I'm going to kick butt. That’s right, I'm going to run my best meet ever, and enjoy it! Every other meet I've dreaded like crazy, and not run my best. Friday, that will change. I will run my hardest, and no matter the outcome I'm going to come out of it smiling. There's no way I can be unhappy with myself if I run my hardest. I know that I'm going to place last out of T-ville, and thus my score won't count. But, I'm going to try as hard as I can, and I’m going to enjoy the run. Victory will be mine, even if it's just over myself.

So, things are really great. Last night blew, that’s for sure, but today just makes me smile. No particular reason, but it's just been nice. I'm excited for tomorrow, mostly for seminary and hockey. I'm going to be a mad hockey machine tomorrow; you'll swear I'm Canadian.

Rarrrr matey, things are going to be great. We've got a mouse in the house, so I'm going to build a spoons style mouse trap to own it. I'll be sure to picture document the whole thing for later. Rock on, and remember: If we fail, we fail with glory.

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