Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Fight

Sorry guys, my posts recently have been high on the quantity, and low on the quality. I vow to change that. I'm going to start posting less, im going to start posting shorter stuff, and it's going to be better stuff, stuff that gets you thinking. As often as possbile, I'm going to publish work that I do up here. Right now I'm programming a useless little game that I'm gonna get up here as soon as possible. Anyways, I'm currently being evicted from the computer library. Somehow the unjust have gained power, and the computer library is being transformed into a bedroom for a night. You see, this is why we have a computer library, so we can always use it without people sleeping in it. It's the computer sanctuary. Oh no, I'm being kicked out. I've got 4 minutes to write this, go go go.

A dear friend of mine doesn't believe in happily ever after. She just says that it doesn't exist. Reason tends to side with her. How many times have we all reached breaking points? Times when we think things are always going to be good from this point on, or that they're always going to be bad?

A breaking point is a time in your life when you reach something that you think is the end. Times like these are the first time I held a girls hand, the time I built my computer, the time I got that world of warcraft 10 day free trial, the time high school started, the time the cross country race ended, the time that I won at halo, the time that I was getting ready for the halo party, the time I finished that cool program I was working on. You look forward to those points for so long, and that's your goal. When you get there, you expect the world to fade out, and everything go to black for a few seconds, and then white lettering to pop up that says "6 years later" and then a party scene to develope.

Movies have messed up the idea of happily ever after. I'm here to tell you that the world never starts spinning and fades to black. There have been plenty of times in my life when by all means it should have, and it never did, and boy am I angry about it. The time I finished carpet for the summer. Heck, both times I finished carpet it should have faded out. The time that I laughed my head off watching Sons of Provo, the time things finally got better after being sad for a week or whatever. Nope, no spinning, no fading. Life went on.

So, whats with happily ever after? Why doesn't it happen? Why can't I timewarp to 6 years later? I want to pretty bad. We reach these breaking points, and we say that everything is going to be ok. We solve a problem, accomplish something, do anything, and we think that that will bring us happiness forever.

Well, it doesnt. Happiness doesn't last forever. I can tell you from my own experience, good times are followed by crappy times, and crappy times are followed by good times. Those good times are subsequently followed by crappy times, and they are caboosed off with good times. Sometimes the caboose gets stuff following it too, like crappy times. Even the caboose clingers have clingers, usually good times.

There is never going to be a point in your life where you can sit down and say "I am going to be happy forever from this point on. It just doesnt work that way. There will always be good times, and there will always be bad times.

So, where does happily ever after fit into it all?

I assure you that it does fit in, but not in the way the movies say it does. 45 seconds left, Ahh!

Anyways, you always have to fight for that happiness. Hold on to it. Its not about being happy always, or being sad always, its about being happy as much as you can and making the most out of the days that you have. Go out, fight, win. Know that there will be happy days and sad days, but that its up to you what you do with them, and that what you do influences whether you'll be happy or sad. No forevers yet, but we do know that tomorrow will always come. We know that we can always shape tomorrow, go make it the best you can, because its a wild one. What you do today isn't going to shape all the tomorrow's forever, but its going to shape the next one. Go for it.

Christopher Thatcher -out-

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