Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Today has been an amazing day. I love Thanksgiving so much. Food, Family, Sleep. Who could ask for anything more?

Well, I answered the last couple questions from my all request thursday deal on my other blog, so, go there.

Anyways, now that that's through, I want to say thanks to a couple people that I really appreciate. If there is one thing that I find it really hard to forget, it's people that just randomly do really really nice things for me. Everybody has the potential to do something extraordinairily nice to someone every day. Very rarely is the oppurtunity taken, but I'd like to thank the people that have been nice.

Thanks Mr. Hansen for being nice to me when I walked into class 20 minutes late.

Thanks Kira Fulton for always saying hi to me in the halls.

Thanks Porter for giving me a ride home, and being nice to me.

Thanks Apple for thinking I'm cool for some reason.

Thanks Mrs. Neal at Eisenhower for helping me out with my book problem last year. She hadn't ever talked to me before the day I went to her for help, but she totally went out of her way to make sure everything got taken care of, that was awesome. Thanks so much.

Thanks Andrew, for being an awesome brother and letting me play frisbee and raquetball with you.

Thanks Kyle, Levi, and James for making me the person I was in Junior high.

Thanks Peter, for giving me insight into my own self, and for always being a stud when I needed one. You're gonna go far man.

Thanks Sharpe, for giving me a job, and valuable training.

Thanks Marissa, for making me understand the world alot better.

Thanks to my brothers, for teaching me everything I know, giving me all I've got, and shaping me into who I am. You guys rock to the max.

Thanks Dan Rasband, for being the best teacher ever.

Thanks Travis Benson, for being the coolest adult to hit a 13 year old ever.

Thanks to anyone that's ever said hi to me in the halls, I appreciate that alot.

Thanks anyone that's ever made me laugh on a crappy day.

Thanks Kyle and Tanya for making me run Cross Country.

Special Thanks for Peck, for being the best nerd mentor in the world, for putting up with me as a sevie, and making junior high worth it.

Thanks Colver, for making me realize I wasn't all that and a bucket of cheese.

Thanks Morris, for making me realize I'm not even the bucket.

Thanks Sylvia, for listening.

Thanks Hope, for being a good little sister to me.

Thanks Kyle, for being a good little brother.

Thanks Levi, for being my comedic relief, always.

Thanks James, for being the only one to stand by me in my time of need.

Thanks Donald for letting me call him that.

Thank you, for teaching me about the internet.

Thank you guys for reading this.

Thank you Courtney for that gum I'm still not done with.

Thank you Mr. Fiack, for teaching me algebra, even though I hated it, I learned everything I needed.

Thank you Brough and Sharpe, for oppurtunities to prove myself.

Thank you Mom and Dad, for everything. You're the very best parents ever. I wouldn't be anything without you guys, thanks so much.

Thank you public education system, you do work, no matter what they say.

Thanks Briahna for ALWAYS reading these, she's the most loyal reader a guy could ask for.

Thanks Nick for thinkin' I'm cool.

Thanks Darren, for letting me follow you around in Elementary.

Thanks Branson, for inviting me to play football with you guys that first time.

Thanks Marty, for being a good Jr. Jazz coach.

Thanks Jeff, for talking nerdy with me.

Thanks Microsoft and Walmart, for making my life easier.

Thanks Mr. Bauer, for teaching me stuff.

Thanks Jason, for being my foyle.

Thanks Tanya, for making me show off all through 7th and 8th grade.

Thanks for the RAM sharpe.

Thanks for teaching me to program Michael.

Thanks Brothers Whitmer and Pearce for being stallions.

Thanks Tania for being a great friend.

Thanks Valerie for being fun.

Thanks for the genes mom and dad.

Thanks for teaching me to read, teachers in elementary.

Thanks for teaching me to write, Bauer and Colver.

Thanks for the great search, email, satellite image, instant message, and translate services google.

Thanks for Halo Bungie.

Thanks for Frisbee Mr. Frisbee.

Thanks for lighting your field at night bennion elementary.

Thanks for being president Mr. Bush.

Thanks for March Madness seminary.

Thanks Marissa, for making me smile last year.

Thanks Kyle, for being my warcraft buddy.

Thanks Peter, for listening to my stupid ideas.

Thanks to whoever programmed my calculator games.

Thanks Thaddeus, for letting me run in state for you.

Thanks for region dances.

Thanks simpsons, for making me good at nerd team.

Thanks Theron, for being my hero.

Thanks Wright brothers, you guys rock.

Props to the founding fathers, you ownt those brits.

Thanks Jen Davies (Amazon) for teaching me to dance.

Thanks Steph, for playing the piano for us.

Thanks Steph, for letting me visit your class, and boost my ego.

Thanks Steph, for taking me to lunch, and dinner, and letting me drive your car.

Thanks for the sweat genes dad, I use them well.

Thanks for firefox, I love it so.

Thanks for open office, my english papers are finally legal.

Thanks Mrs. Ryberg, for being the best band teacher ever.

Thanks to seventh graders, for being sevies.

Thanks Sylvia, for not being dead.

Thanks Levi, for getting rid of that part.

Thanks for the insulin doc.

Thanks to all my friends for being there.

Thanks to my family for making me who I am.

Thanks for life.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris for writing things that make me happy.

riss. said...

hey hey hey. I come here as often, or more than Briahna.

and thank YOU for making ME run cross country.

and, you're welcome.

Anonymous said...

vyo 'topher
that was hot, maybe i should be thankful. we love Mrs. Ryberg, and we should visit Bro WHitmer.

Anonymous said...

you have a way of putting all of your deepest feelings in writing and i'll always envy your undyingly devoted friendship