Tuesday, November 29, 2005

That was fast

So, Robert complained about me not mentioning him in my thank you note. I said that I'd write a whole blog about him, but I don't think I shall. I shall however say this:

Thanks Robert, for getting a triple kill over lunch today.

It was pretty hot, I've got to admit. I was dead at the time, so I was watching his screen as he did it, and it was ridiculous. He sniped 3 guys just sitting there, it was just pretty good. I got myself 2 hot sticks right in a row, and that made me happy. Good times.

So, life is pretty dandy at the moment. My mom and dad have to go to boise for the next two days, and that's gonna blow, but at least that means me and Steph are going out to dinner every night. Crazy Timmy wants to set up a new JoDans, so that's what i've been doing all day today, running around gathering dresses, racks, grids, and all that other crap with my mom.

See, it's probably not professional to complain about it, so I'm gonna go back and change the name of the company. It is now Jodans. You all know what I'm talking about, and it's not Joanns fabric and junk, its the other one. Anyways, it's stupid. He has to pay my mom and dad to drive up to boise, work one day, spend the night, then work the next drive, then drive home. They're going to be on the clock the whole time, it's not very efficient.

I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't know what was going to happen. In a year, maybe 2, maybe even 3, that store is probably going to close. I've been helping my mom set up new stores for the past 3 or 4 years, and I've taken down just as many as I've set up. It is very depressing when you have to unscrew the exact same screw that you screwed in 2 years ago. I think it's pretty dumb, I don't like the way that it is run. I'm not employed by the lameo, but my mom sure is, and he's dumb. That's all.

Anyways, I'm making a pretty hot program that I'm gonna slap up on mac's site pretty soon. He's being nice enough to host the download for me. It's gonna be a pretty lame little right brain vs. left brain game, with loads and loads of easter eggs. More info to come on that later.

so, life is fairly dandy. I think tomorrow I might just post "A day in the life of Christopher J Thatcher" if I feel like it. it ought to be fun. but it's about 10:30, and I've got no super new news to tell anybody. I hate my nose, but that's alright.

So yeah, the best is yet to come. Life is on the up and up:D. Have a dandy one chillins, I'll talk to y'all later. Toodles.


Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from a blogger down under in New Zealand. I was just passing thru, when I thought I would stop to say hello to you. You are blogging to express yourself, not to impress others which is great. I have a (genuine)blog you may like to check out, so email me if you want. Its done by a 14 year old biy.

Anonymous said...

You failed to mention my SEVEN HEAD SHOTS during that same game. Yeah, I'm thouroughly proud of myself for that one. I'm amazing.

Anonymous said...

i forgot my password again, so this in anonymously James. Banking Finance is fun just for reading blogs, yours in particular.
It's funny, and I'm proud for your stickies, they're the best pick-me-ups on earth. Have a great night, and keep 'em comin'.
Bon Voyage

riss. said...

whats wrong with your nose?