Monday, November 14, 2005

We got a serious problem here folks

Since I am way too lazy to do this all at once, I am splitting it up into groups. That means, you're going to get the easy questsions answered first. Hooray! Give me a break guys, these things are hard to write. Before you throw bricks through my windows for never writing, remember all the cool things I did at one point. Like.... that cool picture of Morris I made! I'm gonna put that in here too. Anyways, on to the questions.

Question: Does diabetes hurt? (Jason Liu)

Answer: Yes, but not all that often. Now, I made myself a little deal back in the day that I would try as hard as I could to never complain about my pancreas sucking. I've tried to stick with that, and I've never tried to make people feel sorry for me, or try to make excuses because of my delinquent pancreas. I never said "Hey, I can't run the mile as fast as you, I'm diabetic." or "Feel bad for me cause I have to turn down those brownies cause I forgot my insulin." I've always tried to be cool about it, but since Jason asked, and it might be interesting, I'll give you my take on it.

First off, it's not as bad it seems, and it doesn't seem all that bad. I honestly can't remember what it was like to sit down to a meal and just eat it and walk away. It doesn't bother me at all, it's just something you've gotta do. As far as I can tell, my life has always been like this, and it'd be really weird if it wasn't. I don't wish that my pancreas was better, I'm pretty fine with it as it is. It's just the way things are ya know?

Shots don't hurt 98% of the time. I've given you all this talk before. I havent had a shot that really hurt for months. Now, the other 2% of the time sucks big time. You see, you've got all these fun nerve cells on your skin, but not too many of them in the fat, thats why you always shoot into fat. Well, I've managed to kill most of em where I do my shots all the time, but some still persist. There is always a chance that you will land directly on top of a nerve, and shoot down into it. When a needle penetrates into normal fat nothing happens, you barely feel it, it's not uncomfortable at all. When a needle lands on a nerve, you jerk the needle at, proceed to yell at it for the next 5 minute for what it just did to you, and hate it with every feeling in your body. Now, this rarely happens, few of you will see me actually yell at my needle, but it's happened before, and it will happen again.

it's actually kind of cool, because it's like adding a fun puzzle to every day of my life. At any given point during the day I can test and see how I'm doing. If I have done everything right, I'll be between 80 and 140. If I've made some mistakes, I will be above that, or below that. If I've made big mistakes, I'll be significantly above or below that. It is like an extra measurement of how your day is. What'd you get on your physics test, AND what's your bloodsugar? Its not just physics anymore. Of course, I'm not as good at keeping my bloodsugar where it ought to be as I should be, I don't know anybody that is, but yeah.

It doesn't hurt, it doesn't bother me, I kinda think it's funny when you make fun of me. I think everybody ought to try it for a day, it teaches you all sorts of stuff. So, I hope that answered that question. Any more, feel free to leave comments, and I'll answer em the best I can.

Question: What kind of music do you listen to? -Anonymous

Answer: It beats the heck out of me. I honestly don't know what to call this stuff. Perhaps a brief history is in order.

It was the summer of 98-99 I think, maybe 99-2000. I was around the 4th grade, and my brothers had just set up our network at the house for the first time, and we were busy playing our pirated copies of starcraft against each other. At this point Nathan and Michael were substantially better than me and andrew, but I could still hold up against Andrew sometimes. Anyways, that summer, we got up early nearly every day, and played a few matches. The weather was perfect, the smells were new, and to this day I can't smell that particular summer morning smell without getting a longing feeling to go back and hang out with my brothers and play a few games.

Well, this was a cherished time in my childhood. Me and my brothers bonded, I had alot of fun playing starcraft, and there wasn't a thing to worry about in the world. Every time that we played, my brother Michael would bust out his radio, set it in the hallway, crank it up so we could hear it all through the house, and we'd listen to the radio of that day. They were always good songs, cause Michael made sure of that. This served a few purposes: Because we weren't exactly playing with the CD in the drive like you're supposed to, we couldn't listen to the original music from the game as we played, and that's no fun. The other reason was that this way we couldn't hear what was happening on the other guys computer. If we heard that they were building a bunch of wraiths, we'd get detectors and lots of anti air, and that woulnd't be half as much fun as being caught by surprise, so we blasted the music.

Just like the smells, that music has stuck with me, and in my mind means strictly Starcraft. To this day, I love that music more than any other kind. There are only a few songs I remember, but whenever I hear one I've forgotten I immediately remember it. |Sugar ray - Someday| was my personal favorite of the time, |the way| (Who knows who sings that business), The one about "Did you make it to the milky way?" and truly madly deeply were good stuff. So, that's the basis of my love for music, cause it reminds me of bonding with the brothers over starcraft.

If you can't tell, I got all my music from my brothers. Back in the day when morpheus was super cool, and everybody thought napster was cool, but it really wasnt, michael and Nathan did alot of questionable things to get their music. We didn't mind then, but now we're mostly legit when we can stand to be. I don't really like pirating, thats why I don't do it. They didnt' have a problem with it at the time, so they amassed huge libraries of music. Stuff that was good, stuff that was clean, and stuff that I liked cause I grew up listening to them listen to it.

So, I stole it.

That's why I dont know what to call it, because I never had to find out. I'm living out of their libraries with a few songs that I've found that I particularly like. That's the truth. This way, I know the stuff is good, I know its not gonna start droppin F-bombs on me, and I figure its fun. That was alot of history to get to what kind of music I like, but I really like telling that story.

So, here's the main chunks of my playlist for you:

BNL - about a 6th of my playlist is BNL. They are fully clothed canadian men, and they are way cool. They sing everything, and I guarantee you've heard them before. Some of their songs actually have meaning, others mean nothing, I love it.
One Week

Oldies- I don't know, my brothers had a thing for oldies, so I guess I do too. probably another 6th of my playlist is devoted to all the old school stuff. I've got "stuck in the middle" by bob dylan, peace train, drift away, all sorts of that good stuff.

Spanish Rock - Some of my absolute favorite music in the world, and I can only understand 8% of it. When my brother got home from a mission to Mexico, he really liked the cool music he heard down there, so he got on limewire and got some of it, and I horked it. It's way cool, because its got an awesome beat, sounds just like our American crud, except all the words are clean cause you have no idea what the devil their saying. Every few words you can pick up a few "Amor"s, and some others, but mostly its just well sung garbdlygook. If any of you want to hear some I'll send it to you, it's awesome.

Enya, and other relaxing stuff- I like relaxing stuff, I really like enya, I wish I had more enya. Enya makes you feel good after a day of feeling like you hate algebra homework. Everybody loves Enya. If you don't, well, you can go to Russia.

Modern Junk- Some greenday songs, collide, Real world, some lifehouse, some coldplay, the Halo 2 theme, some fruity songs like listen to your heart..... anything after the summer of starcraft I consider modern.... so, yeah.

Colors, insideout - Some local stuff, Colors is really good, but not too many people would like them methinks. Insideout is hilarious, they sang the stalking song.

The rest are cool simpsons quotes, simpson techno remixes, and other fun songs I've got. That was way overkill. If you're still reading this, you're one patient person.

So, just for the heck of it, lets list my current favorite songs ever:

1) Long December - Counting Crows
2) Closing Time - Semisonic
3) Light in your eyes - Blessed Union of Souls
4) Change your mind - Sister Hazel
5) Minutos - Ricardo Arjona
6) How Bizzare - OMC
7) We are the Champions - Queen
8) Pinch Me - BNL
9) Its all been done - BNL
10) Never is enough - BNL
11) Too little too late - BNL
12) The impression that I get - MMBT
13) Real world - Matchbox 20
14) Angel de amor - Mana
15) Hanging by a moment - Lifehouse
16) Doctor my eyes - Jackson Browne
17) Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
18) Collide - Howie Day
19) 99 red balloons - Goldfinger
20) Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
21) Eve6- Heart in a blender
22) Crazy for this girl - Evan and Jaron
23) Leaving town - dexter freebish
24) Higher - Creed
25) Clocks - Coldplay
26) CCR - Up around the bend
27) Sunscreen - I don't even know who sings/says it, but it's amazing.

So, thats in no particular order. It's 11:56, and I just got done going through my playlist picking out songs I like. Hooray!

Question: Who would win in a cage match battle to the death: Picard or Kirk? (Nick MorandIE)

Answer: That's easy. Morris


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean by growing up with music and just hanging out with siblings. A lot of my favorite music comes from times like that.

-Molly "Mormon"

PS I LOVE that picture of Morris. A stunning likeness if I say so myself.

PPS You rock! I love reading this blog, it always makes me smile. Keep it up!

PPPS One more thing, that seminary video is golden! I love it. Good job on that.

Anonymous said...

Hey!, thanks for answering my question! You have good taste in music. Have you ever listened to The Aquabats? They're pretty good. Do you ever listen to country? What kind of movies do you like?

Well, have a great day!

CJThatcher said...

Aww, thanks Molly, I'm glad you like my picture of Morris. I made that last year, just because the guy scared me so much. That guy really is a stud though. He was a super good teacher, and just a really smart guy.

And anonymous, whomever you are. Yes, I have heard one song of aquabats, it was "pool party" or whatever, and me and my friends didn't stop singing it for weeks. "...there's gonna be food, and girls, and more food, Mike garudo's gonna be there!"

Yeah, from their one song I heard I really liked them, but I havent heard anything else, and I've been too lazy to go find them. I don't really like country too much. There are some good songs, but I just don't really like the feel of it, I dunno. Movies, maybe I'll answer that next time. Toodles~

Anonymous said...

I'm a different anonymous by the way.
i like your blog, especially the diabetic part, it really makes me feel even more close to you.
I really like you Christopher, and i want to talk to you soon.'s James HAHAHAHHAHA

Anonymous said...

YOu're so hot, I saved all the pictures you have on my computer and I look at them every day. I have your pictures pasted on my bedroom ceiling so I can look at them every day. I like the same music you like too and I was so excited reading your blog. Keep posting good blogs because I love reading them every day. I always check your blog every day after school so post them more. I don't know how to say this but...

I love you.

CJThatcher said...

Thank you... Jason?

davidrc said...

Whats up dude! remember me? David? Or as you call me "Donald".

Well I would have to say that the seminary video is fantastic! I thought it was pretty cool =D
This blog is really cool! it keeps me busy just reading random things in your life, its great! you give me a purpose in life. hahaha ok im just being stupid now and im just Jaw-Jackin, So im gonna end saying this is cool!

PS to molly: dude! I was sitting here typing then sara noticed I was using the exact same words in what you said "A stunning likeness if I say so myself." and I didnt even notice... How weird is that?!? so I just deleted to keep your post unique :P

CJThatcher said...

DONALD! You stallion you, look at my fanbase grow(h).

Anonymous said...

Hey Thatcher!
My new best friend in the world. Well I must say kudos to you on this wonderful blog you've got going. Keep it up, I enjoy reading it. In the words of Donald "you give me a purpose in life." So Rock on and keep blogging!

-Melissa (I'll have to think of a cooler name)