Wednesday, February 01, 2006

X marks the spot

Prince Henry: A Portuguese prince by the name of Henry. He was one of those guys that really liked to navigate, so the college boys all called him “Prince Henry the Navigator.” He was one of the main guys that got Portugal's exploration system underway. He set up a school that was chock full of all the best sea-people you'd ever find in old Europe. A little before 1420 he was cruising the ocean, and by 1430 heading south by Africa. His guys claimed the Azores for Portugal, wherever that is. So really, he jumpstarted portugal's exploration. Yeehaw.

Score it.

You've got to love overly sarcastic world history answers. You know, the assignment is definitely torture, but you do end up learning stuff from it. Years after having Fiack in 7th grade for Algebra, I finally realized that he really was a good teacher. He's not an idiot like I thought, he knew what he was up to, and he taught me alot. I feel terrible for how mean I was to the guy. He kicked butt, really. Maybe that's how we'll all feel years from now, when we know our world history. Sure, maybe it's not as useful as algebra, but its still alright. Show a little love, c'mon.

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The Committee said...

nice to hear you appreciate things. I hope that we can talk soon- it's been 3 weeks now. Man, this new plan sucks. anyways, I'll talk to you later Thatchman!!

Sylvia (not Syl)