Monday, November 06, 2006

Changed for the Better

(8) Because I knew you.... (8)

Good song, 'gotta love wicked.

It's been a good day. I really love Sundays, they're just so good.

Tonight as I attempted to work on my English homework, I had a realization. There were much more important things for me to do.

And so I laid my homework aside and moved on to greener pastures. Yes, my homework is due tomorrow. It is not completed, but we've got that morning after grace period. I'm glad that I made this decision.

I sent a number of E-letters today that needed to be sent. I wrote to an old acquaintance I hadn't talked to in a really long time, as well as my big brother in Costa Rica. He's serving a mission right now, and it's always so cool to be able to write to him every week.

See, I rarely get into the E-letter thing. With the advent of messenger, e-letters don't get sent as often as they could. It's like text messaging versus calling someone. It's alot easier to send a text than it is to call somebody.

But, tonight, as I got in to writing these two people I realized something. I got the same feeling that i get when I blog except even cooler. It really is the same concept. I was sharing with my brother the things that I've been thinking about, the things that have gone on, all that business. It's the same stuff I do here. The difference was evident though, I was able to make the letter personal. It was just me and him. Didn't have to worry about weirdo's figuring out who I am and attempting to kidnap me mid-race. No worries about weirding out my audience with all the personal stuff.

It was nice to have a little heart to heart with my big brother, even if he's not going to read it until tomorrow morning.

I liked it so much, I want to share it with all of you. Because I consider you my friends I want to help you make your lives better. Seeing how much you have helped make mine so much greater than it would be without you, I figure I owe you.

So here's the challenge: send a friend or loved one an e-letter today. It will mean a lot to them, and it will help you learn more about yourself.

You stand to lose absolutely nothing by sending someone special an e-letter. On the other hand you are lined up to go on to great heights by doing so. You could make someone's day, you could help them out of a rough spot.

That's today's challenge. Send one person an e-letter. It doesn't have to be big. It doesn't have to be deep. Just send one person one e-letter. If you happen to recieve a special e-letter today, well, you've got a good friend somewhere. You know what to do, don't let it die.

That's the deal, do it. Please don't send everyone on your contact list an e-letter. If you've got more than one person you want to write to, write more than one letter.

It'll be good, I promise. I love e-letters. You can write to anybody. You can write to me, you can write to your mom, your old friend you had a falling out with years ago. Maybe it's time we get back to talking with one another. Maybe it's time to fix the problems of the past and move on to greater planes with each other.

That's my challenge to you, and I hope that you'll take it. Invest 15 minutes and make the world a better place. Send an E-letter to a friend. You know who to write to, you've got the power. Make somebody's day better, help them smile through the trials they're facing.

Come on everybody, let's make the world a better place.

P.S. It's just an email. E-letter is just more appropriate and more correct. Therefore, send an "email". But really you are sending an E-letter. That is all.


Anonymous said...

I love e-letters :) It seems like the only emails people send and get these days are forwards and notifications. Which is alright, since we've got calling and texting and talking and all these other forms of communication, but it's still nice to find a gem in your inbox every once in a while. I just don't know about sending one of my own to the person I'm thinking of. It might not be the best idea.

Kortney said...

I've done half of the challenge... But have no fear, I will do it!

Courtney said...

i accept the challenge. :D

and you got jaron onto the communication subject... you'll have to listen to a half an hour of why it's so horrible no one ever actually talks anymore. ;)

just kidding jaron. you're awesome. ;)

thatcher, you rock.

Combat Kyle said...

Methinks I'll write my sisters soon. Good work, you are a good guy.

Karlito said...

I say Bravo for taking up the gauntlet and using E-letter.

When people use my blogs it gives me warm fuzzys on the inside, and makes me want to write more.

Keep on keeping on!