Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Relax, you're going to be alright you big pansy.

That's what 11:42 PM version of me what's to say to this afternoon's edition of yours truly. I had a rough afternoon today, it was stressful. Today was our first day of indoor track practice. Sprinters and distance were heading over to 24 hour fitness. Coach was going to come, but he got tricked into drivers ed.

Basically, we had 20 or so people in there, and I was in charge. Now, I'm usually in charge. That's just how things work, I'm generally alright with it.

I was really irritated with it this afternoon. I'm not being payed assistant coach salary. I didn't sign up to be the coach, I signed up to run. The whole bit was stressful. Trying to shuttle everybody over there was obnoxious. It ends up that I have a very unique vision of what our treadmill work out is. I've been doing it wrong for a year now.

So, I was pretty mad about stuff. I shouldn't have had to be in charge.

Yeah, grow up pansy boy.

You're totally capable of managing 20 athletes in a gym. That's cake. You've done it before. You could forge them into an amazing troupe of acrobats in 45 minutes if you really needed to. This is not something that you can't do, so stop complaining.

I figured that out tonight. The situation isn't about to change. It seems that no matter what I do, I'm taken off of the normal path and put aside as the gopher. It happened at Ike, it's happening at Taylorsville. "What's that Sharpe? You need me to crawl in the ceiling, locate the black wire in the dark, and then feed it through to you 30 feet away? And make sure that I don't not touch the "lava" ceiling tiles, suspend my weight from heating ducts and I-beams, dodge dead animals, cat-5 cable, and piping? And you want a sandwich too? Alright, you're the boss; I'll get the suit on."

"Hey coach, how's it goi- Oh, I get to be the coach today? And you don't want tomatoes on your sandwich? Ok, sure thing."

It's going to happen. I don't do well as a drone. I think I'm destined to grow up to be a personal assistant.

That irked me a lot today. I didn't want to be like that.

But really, I am going to be like that. That's the way things are going to work, and I'm going to make it work out dang good, thank you very much.

I'm good at it. I've had a lot of practice. So what's the problem with doing it a little more? There isn't any. I'm changing my attitude. I'm not going to get stressed any more. I'm just going to do a good job, and not worry about the deeper questions behind the issue. Should I be the coach? No. Should I be the adult in charge at the gym? No; I drive a minivan.

That's not the point. The point is, I'm going to do the best job. People are going to be blown away. It's going to be intense.

In other news, we're playing cottonwood on Friday. Yeeha, I am excited. It will be a fun adventure.

Speaking of adventures, we're going to change things up schedule-wise. I think we're only going to play Ultimate every other week. Therefore, the Ultimate-less weekends will be reserved for quality adventures. I am going to spend some time planning something awesome, and we'll go for it.

Dear afternoon version of me,

Don't be a pansy. The world will continue to throw blunt objects your way. Stop the Hollywood act. Don't step in front of them and claim they're out to get you; you look stupid. Don't just take the beam and walk to first. It's time to smack those blunt objects out into the bleachers, give the cynics something to shake them out of that pessimistic dust they've been snorting. Stop rolling over and start making the world what you want it to be. You're not the victim. Pick the situation up and make it what you want.

-Evening version of me.

P.S. I like the hair.

-Amendment about 30 minutes later-

What's the deal with everyone harpin' on the immigrants? You're not better than them, and they're not ruining our lives. I did absolutely nothing to earn my citizenship. I got it for free. Letting our friend Hernando come to the states by hopping a fence and giving him citizenship does NOTHING to make my citizenship worth less. They want to sing the National Anthem in Spanish? Sounds great to me.

Really. I can't understand all the haters. I can accept that people have different viewpoints, but I don't see where they came from. I think it's fear and prejudice, honestly.

My hard theory: Suck it up. I'm not going to beat around the bush. They're coming, whether or not you accept that. They're real people too, with families and hopes and dreams just like you. You are not better than them. You are not superior because you were born in the states and had citizenship handed to you. "But I'm going to have to adapt! That's retarded, they should change for me, not me for them!" They've already changed. You're not better than them, meet them halfway. You're not the king of the hill because you got here first.

Really. Give it up folks, it's going to happen. Accept it. I don't see a problem with it. This was prompted by a forward I got, something about singing the national anthem in Spanish. I can't believe someone is actually upset about that.

If you can't tell, this has been on my mind for a while now. Rockwell made the point about giving just one more person citizenship makes my personal citizenship worth less. Supply and demand, right?

While I value and love this country, I can't help but remember that I did nothing to gain my citizenship. It was handed to me for free based on variables that I had nothing to do with to my knowledge. According to me, having or not having citizenship doesn't change a thing for me. I can't vote or hold public office. Neither can non-citizens. This might be a little 'blasphemous' to the haters out there, but right now, my citizenship doesn't mean much to me.

I love the fact that I live in America. This country is amazing. It's beautiful and logical and grand.

The fact remains. My life isn't impacted for the next three years whether I'm a citizen or not.

So why should I be upset about letting my citizenship mean less because we're letting a guy named Hernando get it by hopping a fence? I have no idea.

But apparently, some people do. Congratulations on being born on the right side of the fence. You're obviously superior, I wouldn't want to ruin your happy parade by disgracing it by, ya know, sharing the same status you share.

I'll leave you and your special drinking fountains alone. I'll go learn spanish, and you stay proud of your status and refuse to change. Sounds great.

Rahaha, bunch of haters. I just don't get it. Give it up, you're not better. "Oh noes, teh Spanish signs at WalMart!"


-Third edit-

This argument doesn't apply to veterans or immigrants who have become citizens. Both of the aforementioned worked for the rights that they have. I have great respect for those people. Because they have done work, they are justified in calling me a dirtbag for the things that I have said. As for me, I'll even call myself a dirtbag. My citizenship was handed to me, so I don't mind handing it to somebody else. Veterans and legal immigrants can disagree. I can't. That is all.


Combat Kyle said...

Wow, I can say that I don't agree with anything you said in that post. I think you being the pet slave of any teacher is completely retarded. To me it just seems like they are taking advantage of you, and they probably are. Sure, they might respect you and be friendly with you, but they still see that you are willing to just blindly obey what they say, so they arent afraid to ask you to do whatever they want done. I say, if you don't want to do something for a teacher, then you don't have to. Sure, doing things for people is a nice thing to do, but if it makes you unhappy, gets in teh way of your learning (making sandwiches for Hansen during class, etc.), makes you "stressed out", or in any other way gives you second thoughts on your willingness to help them, then I don't think it is worth doing. The teachers have two hands, just like you do. Hansen can make his own sandwiches. When you have the time, or when Hansen really does need your help like yesterday at practice, sure, be helpful, do all you can to help. But don't feel OBLIGATED to help him, that isn't your job. Your job is, quite simply, to do your own work, and run for yourself. I don't see any other obligation than that, quite bluntly. I don't know, it seems like doing all of this just makes you less happy than you would be if you didnt meet every demand thrown your way by faculty. Your choice though :D Its not something I'd be willing to do, so I guess you deserve some credit either way.

As for citizenship, I see your point, but I think I disagree. While I respect the desire of people to come to America to find a new life (and in fact promote it), I can't say that I like people coming here illegally. Sure, their conditions might suck in Mexico south of the border. Sure, maybe they'll have to suffer there for a while while they wait on the list for the necessary documents to come here legally. Sure, its easier for them to get their hopes and dreams by merely hopping a fence. But that isn't right. I agree with Rockwell on this one. Our citizenship does mean less when there are so many illegal aliens here getting the same rights we are without citizenship. Sure, I was born with my citizenship, but at least I am here legally. I would love for everyone in Mexico to come live here if they wanted to, but I'm not about to let them all come illegally. With so many people coming here, and getting the same rights I have just for hopping a fence really would make my citizenship worthless. We still have rights you know. Just because we can't vote or hold office right now doesn't mean that we aren't citizens with rights. It sounds like you dont care that you are a citizen almost. "Hey, Hernando, come live with us for no cost. It doesnt matter to me, the founding fathers gave me my citizenship for free and the revolution and countless other wars were fought so that I can have it...but you deserve it to, so just hop the fence, and you'll be fine." Sorry, but being a citizen is more than jsut being born here. I welcome people who want ot come here legally, but illegally, I say ship them back and have them start over, this time with documents.

Frissa said...

Okay, I have to say something because the whole immigration issue has always bothered me. I remember last year in English we had a discussion on this and it was basically Austin Lee and myself butting heads.
I don't think I know enough to say that it is alright or not alright for an immigrant to come here (legally or not) and become a citizen, but that is exactly the problem. I don't know anyone who knows enough to pass that kind of a judgement. Sorry but not even Rockwell with all his "knowledge" when it comes to political matters.
There are so many different reasons why people come and to generalize every single immigrant...that's just wrong. I lean more toward the side Chris is on. We do have rights and we should not take them for granted but again what have we done to get them. My mom wasn't even born in the US. She is a citizen of Argentina. Lucky for her her parents were US citizens. So what is it besides parentage or birthplace that makes the difference.
I hesitate to throw an absolute opinion out but it really frustrates me when people are so quick to dislike others.
People like my father become impatient with fast-food restaurant employees that are having trouble understanding English or that have such a thick accent it is hard to understand them. Really people is a hamburger that important? If we all had a little more patience and tried to be understanding the world would be a better place to live in.
Maybe the Mexican at the restaurant (who probably isn't Mexican at all) really is a lazy horrible person...but maybe their not. Why isn't anyone given the benefit of the doubt anymore? Why so we have to hate someone because they come here illegally. They probably shouldn't have but I don't have the power to send them back or make them learn English so why can't I just be nice?
Sorry, I was long-winded but that is how I feel.
Anyway, I liked you post Thatcher and I hope you all have a fantastic night!

Combat Kyle said...

For me its not about prejudice. Let them come, I'm all for that. Just make it legal, and I'm perfectly content.

Karlito said...

The real question is, what makes it legal? Some beaurocrat who has no idea what is going on around him? Granted I most likely know far less than him but when my brother, Sam, got back from his mission in Texas he had some interesting things to say on the matter. Now I dont agree with everything he said either but I think that the rules that we now have in place to make it "legal" for immigrants to become citizens are ridiculous. When the Irish and the Germans came over in the 1800's it wasn't part of the process to pay thousands of dollars. From what I understand (from Sam) is that it cost more than two years wages just for the processing fee, let alone the money to set up a life here.

We enjoy, without a doubt the greatest rights ever given to any people since this world began, and we know from General Authorities that God set the wheels in motion to bring this nation about many thousands of years ago. So we who enjoy these wonderful freedoms, these rights that God has provided and secures for us day by day, why do we try so hard to limit who is to enjoy them? Why aren't we trying to get get others to come here? I understand that we only have so much room but really selfishness, pride, and misunderstanding are the reasons we are so adamant to keep others out.

I can see the wisdom on both sides of the argument but I also believe that we make it far to hard for others to enjoy the liberty, rights, and freedoms that we take for granted everyday.

Anonymous said...

Argh, I forgot to comment on this, one of my more favorite of Thatcher's politically minded posts.

I don't think that illegal immigrants devalue my citizenship either. I mean... oh no, he hopped a fence instead of abiding by the crazy, ridiculously difficult laws it actually takes to become a legal alien, not to mention a citizen of the good ol' U. S. of A.

And now, nobody will ever read this besides Chris.