Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lack of Sophisticated Title

It's another late evening, and that means that I should be in bed.

I said I'd write a post tonight, so I'm going to. As soon as I'm done with it I'm going to update the Alliance and go to bed. I love going to bed, it's such a great feeling.

See, the processes that I run every night before I go to bed are pretty intense. All in all, the whole battery takes at least half an hour. It's a big time investment. It's not very easy-going stuff, after all, brushing your teeth is hard work. I always check the locks at least twice, not because I'm paranoid, but because I can't remember what the outcome was the first time I did it. I take several huge drinks of water right before bed, I still don't fully understand this one. I drink a lot of that blessed liquid, I figure it's good for me.

Moral of the story is, when I go to bed, it's for good. This isn't some church picnic going to bed festival, oh no, this is the real deal. I know that I've made sure everything is taken care of before I close the book on the day. No loose ends, no unlocked doors, no obligations unfulfilled. I have been preparing and working for this moment for the entire day, it is the culmination of all my hopes and wishes for the past 15 hours. This single moment is the capstone, the final parade of my mind before all becomes fuzzy and forgotten.

In that moment, all is well. I bid farewell to my problems and concerns, my aspirations and synapses and simply let go. It's the end, the finale. I submit, stop fighting against the chemicals in my brain that dull my senses and beg for sleep. I close my eyes, and fulfill the greatest goal of the day-

Get in there tiger, and get out alive.

I made it, no lost limbs. I'm not bald yet, and Michael Jackson still scares the hud out of me. Yep, things are ok, and my brain signs off for the night.

Not sure where that one came from. That whole going to bed thing wasn't premeditated, sometimes it just happens like that. That's sort of why I love this writing business. I've been thinking about a post I'm going to write for a week now, and all the sudden I launch into a expository on my bedtime psychology. Indeed, this keyboard is the gateway to self-discovery and preservation.

My brain really only has one traintrack, two on a good day. Kyle and Nick have 4 a piece. Doc has 17, plus a major airport.

That's not to say that any one person's brain is better than another. I'm just saying that transportation of musical notes in sort of backed up in mine, that's all.

I love to get ideas down on this baby. Things that I've tossed around in my head for a whole week, get them out at their peak and capture the concept for better days. To this day, one of my very favorite posts was called Best Shot

But all in all, the plan remains the same. Keep improving on what you've got, and gradually expand. Keep it simple, live cheap, operate cheap, and save up. Get secure. Eventually, we've got an empire on our hands. What am we gonna do with an empire? We're going to make the world a better place.
Yeah buddy. See, I read that post over one late evening, and it inspired me in a way I hadn't been inspired since I stopped watching Mr. Rogers. It made me remember how I felt that night, and got me thinking about the future again. It was a good deal.

Even more recently, during my search for that particular post 20 minutes ago to figure out the title of it, I ran into my plan to carbonize French Fries. Still a cool idea, still something I want to do. Nothing will stand in my way. To quote a familiar display picture - I'm so gonna be famous.

So what's the new plan? A fitness center with a negative carbon footprint, and an Ultimate sport disc that weighs half a kilogram. See, the negative carbon footprint has been the one that's been kicking around for a week. It initially evolved during the week I was going to 24 hour fitness every day after school like a religious zealot. I was going, and getting the most intense workout I'd ever had in a gym. I biked like mad, ran like mad, lifted like mad. I was like Rambo in there. I had a lot of time to sit and think as I biked, and gradually I began to wonder how I'd run a gym if I were to establish one. That's the most recent idea, one that I've really enjoyed exploring.

Yeah, you don't get to hear about it.

Nice try though.

I'm saving it, again. Just like I've done the last four times I've posted.

It's just too cool to write at one in the morning. I think I'm really going to make a killer post with four or five new ideas, complete with diagrams and stuff. I just think it'd be good times. That's near future material right there.

The lights are back on at Bennion El. Rejoice ye denizens, ye that follow the path of the disc.

All the sudden, things are looking good. First term is wrapped up tomorrow - I do believe I've set my estate in order. I feel like I'm getting ready to die here, like I just finished signing my will. As soon as Friday floats past our grades are final for the quarter. For one who is committed to pursuing the four point oh adventure, it's a big step. This is what it comes down to. The rest of the quarter doesn't matter, this is the piece of pie that either frees the spirit or clogs the arteries. The tipping point, that one extra cholesterol molecule. Forget the past 476, this one will either kill you or fill your stomach with joy. Which side shall prevail?

It's like bowling. You run up to this line and release the 14 pound sphere, praying that it'll hit it's target. Up until a second ago, you were in complete control of that hunk of dead weight. If you wanted, you could have taken the ball on a romantic date to play laser tag. You were in charge, you controlled both your's and Howard's destiny.

In the blink of an eye things are different. Howard is hurtling towards those ten pins, and you're left with nothing but a pair of clown shoes and that hopeful gleam in your eye. You have done all that you could to ensure that the ball hits the pins. It's out of your hands now, the power and outcome lies entirely with Howard.

Howard leans to the left, and you can't do anything but whimper. Howard is magically corrected, and returns to the center of the lane. No matter what happens to Howard after the point that you let go, you had nothing to do with it. He's just going, whether you like it or not.

I've enjoyed my time with my bowling ball of grades. I've done everything I rightfully could to guarantee an outcome more glamorous than a gutter-ball. I've released, Howard is flying.

I'll let you know how he does.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. We've never been there before, and there's a really good chance we'll never get to return. Albert Einstein never took a leak on Thursday, November 2nd, 2006. In all his brilliance and funny hair, he's got nothing on me, cause I'm going to pee on the best day that the world has seen for centuries.

You know what I'm going to do on Friday? You better believe I'm going to proceed to urinate during Friday, November 3rd, 2006 - the greatest day that the world has seen for thousands of years.

Because you know what, things are on the up and up. Granted, the glaciers are on the retreat. Oil prices are still precarious, and Kim Jong still needs a new outfit to wear.

Despite the poorly dressed dictators, the worse-smelling petroleum, things are getting better. I'm going to be smarter tomorrow than I was today. I'm going to far surpass the educational limits of Thursday just as soon as I break into the realm of Friday. Cancer patients are going to have the best chance of surviving that anyone has ever seen come Friday.

Things just keep getting better and better. Tomorrow's a new day.

"Hi, I'm new here. You're new too. Maybe we can be friends.

...But probably not, I'm out of deodorant."

Forever, that's where we're headed. See you there friends.


Anonymous said...

Forever's gonna be fun. 8-)

Combat Kyle said...

You lost me at the title....