Friday, June 22, 2007


The plan, so far, hasn't been working like I want it to.

For various reasons, there have been no super awesome posts. I do wish to remedy this.

Summer is an interesting time of year. Right now there is very little structure to the way my life is. I am essentially free to make almost all my own choices. There's no school, no practices, no job, not much of anything.

It's puts me in a very enlightening phase of my life.

For all my life I've wanted sink or swim. I've always wanted to prove that when it was all up to me, I could pull it off and make it happen.

We all know that it's not up to me. I've got my family, my friends, and, if you believe it like I do, heavenly forces helping me out.

This week hasn't been the greatest week of my life. But it's Thursday night. There's time yet to turn it around.

This time, right now, it's time to make it happen. Nobody's going to make it happen for me. If I'm going to go, I gotta go.

Where do the answers lie?

The genuine truth, the answers, they're going to lie in hard work. Nothing else will get you or I what we want.

It's summer, and the ball is in my court. What I do with it will determine the outcome. It's not all about me, I'm not the only one playing right now. But nobody else can make it happen for me. Nobody's gonna change my life, nobody's gonna make me jump higher but me.

The choice is mine. The power to choose my own destiny is mine, right here and now.

The past has gotten me as far as I am today. The choices of today will determine the launchpad of tomorrow.

Maybe June 21 didn't get me anywhere.

But here's to you, June 22. Let's make it happen.

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Combat Kyle said...

I prefer that you swim, but you know that already... join us Thatcher, join us!