Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Blogaday 4 of 20

Day four. The last day of break-nights. Tonight's ability to produce a post was a given. Tomorrow night will be the real test.

Two of the four allies have produced year posts. Jaron's was a halfyear post, but I'm giving him credit anyways for his tenacity. Nate did an outstanding job, and I'm hoping that Nickmo will do one soon as well.

One thing that I find interesting is where our years overlapped. I'm yet to post my year-post, and it won't be taking the same form as the other allies', but there are a lot of times when we can see our lives affecting each other.

For example, three of the four allies worked on the literary magazine. That means three of the four allies hung out with the freakin' coolest leprechaun the world has ever seen every other day.

Two of the four allies were madly in love with our good friend Courtney. It might be three, if Nickmo has been holding out on us.

Three of us have suffered at least minor crushes on another single girl at one point or the other through the year.

All four of us really did try to make the alliance fly.

Three of us worked on the "Audacious Plan" for sweethearts.

All of us went to at least one region dance.

All of us have been in Parrish's class during 07.

Three of us are in concert choir this year.

Two of us are currently writing sonnet cycles.

All of us did some form of fiction during 07. Jaron wrote a novel (sick kudos, by the way).

There's a ton more, obviously. I just think it's pretty funny on the girl thing.

It's pretty cool, considering how diverse the four of us are. I mean yeah, we're four guys from the same highschool, but as far as personalities go, we're all over the place. All of us are in one way or another musical. Jaron's a rockstar, nick compws's bad guys, and Nate's in love with a man named Enesco. I pretend to sing.

So why all the talk of the allies? Just because I find the fact that we can call ourselves the Allies really really cool. I'm friends with all of the other guys, but being Allies ties us together where otherwise we might not be tied together at all. We haven't necessarily done anything as Allies for a really long time, but I still think we're cool. With a name like that, how can we not be cool?

So what's the news? It's 2008, and we've got a lot of skill between the four of us. It's a wide open world out there, and I'm looking for a way to leave a mark on it with my Allies. We've got an official six months before graduation. All four of us are in town till at least then, right? I'm thinking we need to pull off at least one awesome thing before the school year is up. You boys in?


Nathan said...

Heck yes I'm in! Let's fly this thing to the moooooooooon!

Nathan said...

And Enesco's a friggin' stud, btw.

Nick said...

I'm in. All that's waiting is the input from Jarown. And I don't think I was madly in love with Courtney, although if I was, it was because I was jealous of Jaron/Nate. :D And thanks for the new messenger name: I'm a compwser.

Jaron Frost said...

I'm all for awesomeness. :)

Lol, compwser.

Lol, Jarown. Thanks, Nick!

captcha: ewwxw. Eww times another w. That is pretty nasty.