Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sleepaday Day Two - Epic Failure

It's 4:11 PM, which is almost unheard of. If today were a normal day, I'd almost certainly be asleep right now. I have no homework, and my schedule is wide wide open till 6 PM. My body is trained to sleep at times like this. I am fighting the power.

To be honest, I can't help but feel a little bit like Isaac Mendez from Heroes. It feels like I'm trying to go cold turkey from drugs or something. I know that it's the right thing to do, but wow, my body is telling me to go sleep. Isaac could paint the future when he was high. When I take naps, I can focus like some incredible robotic machine once the sun has gone down. Isaac had to give it up because he knew the drugs were ruining his life. He couldn't paint for a long time. I'm giving up naps. It's like I'm losing my super power and key to success. I know it'll be better in the future. Isaac did die a hero, after all. I just hope there's no guy with Horn-Rimmed Glasses that's gonna come persuade me to go back to my old days. I've been nap free for 1 and a half whole days- I wouldn't wanna lose a streak like that to save some cheerleader's life.

I've been listening to my music a lot these past few days. It's a lot harder to fall asleep at a desk when there's music going on. I've just been shuffling through my entire playlist. It's been pretty cool, because I've got some good music that I don't get to listen to very often. There's plenty of stuff in there that I don't like, or stuff that isn't conducive to calculus, but it's still been more or less pretty good. There's a time and a place to listen to music, and I've been liking it these past two days.

Today I finally had to face the monster that I've created out of computer tech. I wrote a letter to my counselor explaining why I hadn't taken the class, why I don't think I should have to take the class, and asking if there was any way the graduation committee could switch, substitute, swap, excuse, or otherwise annihilate that credit. Ends up they can't.

So I got called to the counseling center today to talk about my options. There are really three choices that I'm presented with:

1) Take the class at Taylorsville. In fact, that's the plan I'm currently signed up for. Thumbs down, and not the plan I'm going to pursue, but it's the backup. If all else fails, I'll get the credit the oldschool way. It's a bit of a tragedy, but if that's what it takes to graduate, I'll do it.

2) Test out of the class at the GTI. Or somewhere like that, I don't even know where it's at. I can go take a competency test for 85 dollars. This would be the preferred route, except there's a five week turnaround. I have to call two weeks before I go take the test to reserve a date, and then results take three weeks to process. So even if I called today, I'd still be spending five weeks in computer tech.

3) Take the class through granite peaks or GTI or nightschool or something like that. This is the option I know the very least about, but it's actually looking like the most appealing right now. From what I do know, I can go and take the course at my own pace. It'd be after school somewhere else. It'd probably cost money. The rumor on the street, though, is that they test you on each section before you start it. If you know more than 80 percent of the material, you don't have to do that section. This leads me to believe that I could actually complete the course in say, three days, if I got lucky.

So those are my options. I'm working on gathering more information for option three, because that looks the most appealing right now. If that doesn't work, I'll fall back on option two. If I fail that test, well, I'll be stuck in comp tech.

The trouble here is that no matter what happens, I'm stuck in comp tech for 4b for the next little while. The last day counselors would squeeze me into the class would be tomorrow, so for now I'm in there as a backup plan. That means that seminary got bumped, and now I'm taking early morning. I'm excited about the prospects of early morning, but we all know how great I am at being places in the morning. It will help me be on time to calculus. I'm not complaining, but it does change my plan a bit. Going to bed at midnight won't quite cut it if I'm going to be waking up considerably earlier than usual. My gameplan will have to change, at least for a few weeks.

I'm happy to be finally taking care of stuff though. Comp tech is the last thing standing in the way of me graduating. I've known that it'd be a problem for a really long time, and it's good to be taking care of it. It's a bit of an inconvenience that I don't necessarily feel that is just, but hey, I'll roll with it. It's the state, and I'll jump through their blasted hoops. It's not worth throwing a scholarship away over.

Hmm. HRG showed up. Mom just got home and told me that we're going to be pretty late getting home tonight. I'm going to take a nap. I know it's not in the plan, but it's the way things are going to be today. It's a decision I'm willing to make.

Nap time. 4:30 PM


Back, it's 2:04 AM. Got home about 1:30 from working. Had a good two hour nap though, so I'm alive. Got an email back from my counselor. I'll be done with comp tech by next thursday, no sweat.

So, fairly successful day. Moved forward today graduation and made some money. The plan is moving forward. I'm 0-2, but I'm confident that this is the right thing to do and that I can make it work.

So here we are, 2:06, and my day is ending. have a good one friends, I'll catch you all later.

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