Tuesday, December 13, 2005


/in come the shrews

at least Peter will appreciate my title.

Well, it's been a while since my last blog, but thats cause I've been a little busy. It's nice to be able to say I've been busy, because generally I'm not. Generally I'm just a lazy slob that pretends to be busy, but the last couple days I actually have been. So, that's my excuse, and I'm stickin with it.

So, what's been going on in my life the last week? way too much editing, not enough sleep, and definitely not enough kill-taculars. (Even though I did get one in Counterstrike earlier today, which was AMAZING)

Pretty much, last week my main worry was the seminary video. The plan was to film on Tuesday or something, so I totally sluffed track so I could make it, and it ends up that we didn't have a camera. See, I don't have a camera, because I'm just that lame. They knew that when they asked me to film for them. One of the seminary teachers has one that they always let council borrow, so we're like "Aight, we'll just ask him to bring it so we can film." But, due to lack of communication, we didnt have a camera. So we go to hailey's house and make a script. It took alot longer than necessary, but that's alright. That was a bit stressful, but oh well right.

So, we decide we're gonna film friday, before school, and after. So that means I've got to be at the seminary building at 6, hooray. So, I go to bed at 8, which was ridiculously amazing. Wake up, anad show up on time. I forgot the tripod, so the whole video ended up shaky, but oh well. So, we film, and things go slow. Filming takes alot longer than anybody ever thinks it will. I don't know what the deal is, but it takes ages. We film, nothing too great happens. There are alot of funny people on council though. To quote Taylor, when he was trying to be a bad guy: "I'd wear a shirt that says "I think modest girls are hot"...but I don't." That was just hilarious.

After school filming. This means 2 things. 1) I miss track, which was swimming, and looked really fun. 2) I don't get to go home for a long time. We film, and it gets done. I'm not too excited to edit it, because the filming didn't go too well. We were short people so we had to borrow some of the swim team for extras. Mind you, they were in speedos. Those aren't seminary appropriate, at least not the sizes they were wearing. I actually had to edit some shorts on to them, that was great.

Sigh. Long story short, I spent all of Sunday after church and all of yesterday till about 1 editing. It ended up about 10 minutes, and you know what? It's not even good. My name isn't on it. Last time I didn't put my name on it because I was working on that humility thing. This time I didn't put my name on it cause I don't want to be associated with the trainwreck that I created. It's not really funny, it's not real uplifting. It actually makes me pretty sad. I didn't salvage it. I was in charge, and it pretty much bombed. It hasnt been shown yet... I turned it in today. Chances are y'all will see it thursday and friday. I apologize in advance.

Despite how crappy that last paragraph sounds, I'm doing pretty well myself. I am very happy to be alive today, 'specially considering how close I came to death.

Ok, not really close to death at all, but I expected today to be alot worse. I was up till 1:30 last night working. till 1 editing, then I had to write a speech for English from 1 to 1:30. The written speech blew, but I had to give it today in class, and I decided to just screw what I had written and go off on my own. I'm alright at telling stories and arguing with people, and the speech was a mix of that so I figure I did pretty good.

When I stepped out of school today I was surprised to not be in tears. I finished the day! Look at me go. 4.5 hours of sleep yesterday, no nap. Ages spent hitting my head against the keyboard while I try to get the video to work. And I'm still alive. No alligator attacks.

So, pretty much this blog sucks big time too. I ought to start a mediocre production company that just makes crappy stuff for a living. none of this good stuff that sells, oh no, I make crappy stuff now.

Ummm.... anything else that needs to be said? Nah, not really. Nothin' y'alls want to hear at least. I figure I've complained enough today. Time to go salvage the rest of today by writting about politics, swing over to my philosophy to hear it.

Well then, g'night. I took a 4 hour nap today, and I'm still tired. I've got not much left inside, aside from those fajitas I ate for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Mediocrity is something to be celebrated!!! RIGHT?
WHatever we all love ya anyway. Keep on "enduring al fin del mundo"
P.S. Halo is in order I believe

Anonymous said...

It was you leaving those messages on Marissa's blog wasn't it?
Just admit it!!!
"horribly disfigured" "don't be a hater" and "mad skills" are all catch-phrases commonly known to thatcher.
Watch out Sherlock Holmes
-james again

Anonymous said...

logalog was sick wid it!!!
plus redwall's the shizznat!!!