Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Swahili Revenge

And I'm back with a vengeance. Last night was terrible, and we're just going to forget that it ever happened.

Well, much has changed since last I wrote. We watched the seminary video in class today, and I kinda grew to like it. I guess I was just a little burnt out on it or something, because last night I honestly hated it, but today I thought it was alright. It's still not great or anything, but it's operable at least. It will get upload as soon as I get the DVD back. I accidentally got rid of the main video file on my computer before I rendered it as just a .mpeg, so it'll be some time before you all get to see it online. Oh well, it'll get there.

For a long time my frisbee dreams had died down. You could say that i had a traumatic experience. Over the Thanksgiving recess we played some day frisbee. It was real windy, and there were alot of lame-'s that showed up. Now I'm not saying I'm not a lame-o, cause I am. But generally when I'm the only lame-o it works out alright. This time we had about 45 lame-o's, and it just wasnt the quality frisbee I had come to expect.

I was disheartened. One of the only things in life that had never turned its back on me had turned its back on me. I didn't know what to do. I haven't played frisbee since to tell you the truth. That's been about a month.

Last night my mom was telling me the story of how they couldn't find a frisbee in any store anywhere near here. I'm like, that's lame, I can find millions online. So I come up here to my fun computer and start checking out the flashflight, then some other stuff. One thing leads to another and I'm reading about frisbee games, checking out local tournaments, and just breathing it all in. I'm officially in love again.

After a good month of me and frisbee being broken up, we're back together. See, that's one great thing about inanimate objects, they'll always take you back. *cough*

Just kiddin, I'm over that. I just coulnd't resist the joke.

Anywhom, the plan is back on. Next year I'm gonna spearhead the Taylorsville Ultimate Frisbee operation. I know Shaun/Shawn/Sean Fairborne is gonna be in on it, leastways he said he would be. That means we can have flocks and flocks of girls as well. I'm gonna run things a ton differently though, and it's just gonna be amazing. There are actually local High school tournaments we could get in on. They've got guys, they;ve got coed, and they've got girls tournaments. I just think that'd be amazing.

When my dad tries to trick me into doing an Eagle project, he always asks "So what are you passionate about?" The only thing that I can ever come up with is Frisbee. I really want to do this. I really think that it's gonna happen. If I take 4th period athletics next year, that means I'll have every other day after school off. That means I can run games, I can run little clinics for people who wanna learn to throw a frisbee. I can set up a website, I can advertise, I can make cool Ultimate montages. Who needs noscopes when you've got frisbee?

So who's with me? If you're not, I'll find others. But we'll be dedicated, and we'll make it fun. There is a serious lack of professional frisbee this year. None of this 3-step crud. None of this "I don't wanna go" crud. If you don't wanna go don't sign up. There will be amazing frisbee next year, even if I've got to fail every class to make it happen.

Speaking of failing, I'm never gonna graduate. We got those stupid "how are you doing towards graduation?" papers the other day. Yeah, I've got like, 9 gym credits, about a million electives, comp tech, applied tech, whatever else. It's not even good, I'm not gonna graduate. Who needs a diploma anyways?

So that's all. Life is getting better. Sometimes it bites a little, but that's not too hard to shake if you know the ways to get happy again. Merry Christmas everybody.


riss. said...

I wanna do it. And I'm serious this time. Next time y'all play frisbee, I'll come if I can. I won't think of some LAME excuse. I mean, I'll never get good if I don't try, eh?

That joke was uncalled for.

And it is spelled Shawn.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its Shawn Fairbourne. Noscopes > Frisbee
Chris > Chaz
So make something good next year or something. Don't fail classes. Get a diploma.

Anonymous said...

Joining club is easier said than done, and if you're doing it for Scouting then I'll have to support your every whim because I'm an Eagle Scout Extraordinaire!! We all love frisbee, i'll get good at some point.
-James "forgot his blogger password for the 5th time" Gardner

Nick said...

I'm all in for UF, not that I've ever played it or anything, or that I can even throw a frisbee... But that'd be fun. I haven't been able to come to any of the "meetings" this year because I've been so busy!!! I honestly didn't think I would be this busy in high school... I thought I'd have nothing to do but homework. Exactly the opposite is true. I have no homework, and 6 hours of everything else. It's INSANE!!!!! Hey, look, I know one HTML thing. Sweet...