Friday, December 30, 2005

It's All Been Done

Some of you are wondering about the title. Well, the simple truth is that it has no hidden meanings. It's not poetic, it doesn't reflect how I feel, its got nothing to do with anything, except for the fact that all the good titles have been taken. That title literally means what it says. I wanted to think of something witty, something clever. Nothing lended itself to being funny though, I'm not funny tonight. There are no funny titles, there are no clever titles, and no titles with deep meaning coming to mind at the moment. That title is simply there because it sucks so bad, it's in a category all of its own. It's all been done - tell me about it, there are no good titles left. A title that dry must mean something right? Nope. It means nothing. Once you learn to come to terms with that, you can read on. Until then, you are not ready for what I have to share with you next.

*deep breath*

*climatic pause*

ANTICLIMAX! Nothin'. I got you all to expect something good, and there's nothing climatic here. No news, no gasp-wrenching revelations, just my normal life, rolling on. Take that.

So whats new? I'm equipped with an entire nerd ensemble, it's amazing. Last blog I mentioned how I didnt get any T-shirts. Well, I definitely didn't, but I tried out a polo with khakis today, and boy it's pretty cool. I wish I would have known this last year, my nerd status would have gone through the roof. So, the tuesday we go back to school, you'll all see me in Khakis, a super cool polo, and a combover, simply because I really want to wear a combover to school.

I played Frisbee today, and it was amazing. It was ridiculously windy, and instead of the usual 18-20 people we have show up, we had a good 10. So, we played some 4v4 in obscene wind, and it worked out really great.

The teams were me, Andrew, Turley, berlin and porks vs. Brad, Bryce, Bryan, Carie, and Christina. Brad and Bryce are frisbee idols, it's ridiculous. Bryce is the best frisbee player I've ever seen, but he doesn't show it off much. he could probably single handedly win a game, but he doesn't. I really appreciate that fact when he's on the other team.

So, we expected to get ran because their team looked alot better than ours. They took a quick lead of 2-0 cause we weren't on our toes. We were getting abused by the wind, and just weren't playing smart. It happened pretty quick, so we weren't too disappointed. We figured out how to compensate for the wind, and then pulled it to a tie.

Eventually we won, they never got the lead back after they lost it at 2. It really did look like the game ought to go their way, but they just weren't playing as hard as we were. I had some really cool plays, which I really wanna talk about, so I'm going to.

We were within scoring range with the disk, but since it was outrageously windy we figured we ought to take 2 passes instead. So, Turley or Berlin does a pretty high pass to me, but Brad is all over me. Brad has some insane white man hops, plus he had better position, so he jumped up and swatted it a tiny bit, it was more of a flounder than a swat. So, the disk is just fluttering in midair, and I kinda hop up and catch it on the way down, as Brad is spinning to see where it went. In all the confusion, I pull it down, and send a nice shot pass in for a point. w00tah for 2nd chances.

The other play was hardly a play, it was a kickoff. We were kicking in to the wind, so we only expected 20 yards or so, it was way windy. I wound up some awesome forehand, got really really low to the ground on the release, and just put all the power I could into it, and it sliced into the wind like mad and just flew straight and low out there like mad. It was better than my normal kickoffs on calm days, I was so proud of myself. You should have seen it. Just flying there, as if the mass of the atmosphere wasn't opposing it with all it's might. oblivious to the pounds and pounds of airdrag fighting it. It just flew like...well, like a frisbee.

So, we won, against most odds. I contributed on offence, not too much on D, but thats cause I was guarding Bryce, and you can't stop him. That, and I'm not too good at D. It was great times though, I love frisbee with a fierce passion.

so, I went to a rockin' party tonight. It was alot of fun, and I totally won the wet T-shirt contest. I got my butt kicked at capture the flag, and I have no excuses for it. I just lost. Lost hard, it was humiliating. There was a pretty cute girl there that I didn't know, and then I found out she was in 7th grade. Yeah, that was pretty embarassing.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I think i've got to work a bit. Good old Jolene. Always a nice standby. On any given month I can expect to get some sort of work out of it. I swear I ought to be a professional janitor. "We need you to put up ceiling tile, we need you to put up lights, we need you to cut some carpet and put it in, we need you to move all this crap to this truck." Its not a bad job at all. Im afraid of the carpet though. We're trying a very complex surgery I like to call the old cut n' swap. I've got to cut carpet from the back of the store, and put it in on the sides of the store. It's gonna be messy, especially considering we don't have the right tools. I'm gonna call sharpe and ask if I can borrow a carpet knife, cause that'd make my life a ton easier. Either way, we still don't have glue, or scraping tools, so its gonna be a rough job. Oh well, builds character, and bank accounts.

(8)Dime que no(8)

Sorry, a little spanish rock never hurt anybody.

I really think my hot frisbee is coming in the mail tomorrow. I'm actually gonna take pictures of it and post it for you all. I always say that im gonna do pictures. Well, I really am this time.

What else what else what else? See, a normal person at this point would say "Good crap, I've got nothing else to write! I should probably just end now." Not me. Im gonna keep wasting your time, AND my time. Take that suckers.

Oooooh, get folding@home already you slackers. It doesnt hurt you at all, and helps science. Once you have it, talk to me, it's gonna be fun.

New years is coming up. My new years resolution? Well, I stole it from wanda sikes.

"Don't stab nobody."

I think it's going to be pretty successful.

So what do you sick people want to see? I feel like answering the call of the masses. You want art? You want a short story? you want poetry? you want philosophy? You want pictures of me and my frisbee? you want me to finally finish that debate thing (please say no to that one). I'm open to suggestions. Either way I keep on writing, but if you want to see something in particular, give me a buzz, I'll see what I can do.

The future looks bright. Sure, there are dim spots on the horizon, but all in all it ought to be great. There's not much that can hold a person back. People can try, but no matter what, time marches on, and it takes you with it. You're never the same person 2 days in a row, and the choices you make change the person that you are going to be tomorrow. No matter what we all keep growing and changing, and thats why the future looks so bright. Even if you're a loser now, you've got potential to be a stallion tomorrow. I figure if I work to make the best choices I can, I'm bound to end up cool one day. Hooray! Have a nice night everybody, I'm dead tired. Sleepover night before last, scout camp last night, and no naps inbetween. Yikes, the old man thinks he's gonna die. This old man is out, like a fat girl in dodgeball.


Anonymous said...

Dime que no!!

riss. said...

i concur. No combover.

and I like the title. BNL for life.

and wow, you got really philosophical near the end.

And all the fairbourn kids are amazing. They have a whole family of stallions! You'd like the little boy. he's a hottie. haha. he's like, 5.

the end. hooray for blogs.

wait! I think you should finish the debate thingy. :D

Nick said...

Eh, I'm not so hot about the debate idea right now. I don't know, some short stories would be kinda cool. I don't think you've ever done fiction writing before. That might be interesting.