Monday, December 05, 2005

A Day in the Life of Christopher J Thatcher

Welcome dear friends and associates, to another excited episode in my life. I sure hope this blog turns out good, I've done alot of work on it. I hope you enjoy it. If not, go suck a lemon.

The other night I had the crazy inspiration to write down everything I did in one day, and then make a blog about it. I waited on the idea for about a week, but today decided that I was finally going to do it. So I tracked around school today with my trusty little notebook and my trusty little blue bunny pen, and wrote down pretty much everything. This is the chronicle of one day of my life. Italicized text is what I actually wrote in my little notebook. Normal text is stuff that I've added later. I hope you enjoy. Begin!

5:50 - Get up, pee, back to bed.
My alarm went off, so I turned it off, took a leak, then crawled back into bed till mom forces me up.

6:24 - Finally get up, enter shower.

6:35 - Finish getting all ready upstairs, and proceed downstairs.

6:41 - I test, and my bloodsugar is 154. That's good, not super good though. That means 6 novalog, 11 novalin, and one bowl of costco granola.
This is good. my bloodsugar usually sucks, it's good this morning. Hooray.

Note* I actually ended up eating Malt-o-Meal's equivalent of cinnamon toast crunch, yumm

6:46 - mmmm, cinnamon toast crunch-like cereal.

6:51 - Bowl in sink, as I ate I thought about yesterday. Today will be great.

6:55 - While I wait for Sis to get exit bathroom I check the weather. Mostly cloudy, high of 31. Disappointing, but not gonna make me sad. My head hurts a bit, is she out yet?
Don't worry, my head felt fine all day except for now.

6:58 - She exits, I go to do hair and brush teeth!

7:03 - My teeth are clean, my hair is good. Not really on the hair.
Today was a "Who gives a crud about your hair?" day. Just like the past 25 days have been too. Every morning I get up, do my hair, and say "Hmm, I don't care." and by the end of the day I'm happy with it. In the meantime, I don't care. Hooray! too lazy to write it.

7:11 - Me and mom just filled out the stuff for indoor track. I'm ready, and excited for school, but no ride yet. So we wait.

7:15 - Leave - dad.
Dad drives me to school, pretty normal.

7:21 - get here, Michaels coat, hooray off to physics. Translation: I arrived at school without accident. I was wearing Michaels coat cause mine still smells like fire. I'm excited for physics.

Sometime during physics: I get to physics on time. In the halls I saw Nitro smack Alan with a mathbook, it was pro. Olsen said I was "one of the highest" in the class. Awww. I hope we watch dumb videos in here. Ought to be good, Olsen is still stoned.

SDP - Whoohoo! Dumb video time! Sure it's a waste of time that makes me stupid, but it's a waste of time nonetheless.

"Does anyone know the second law of motion?" Of course I do! Am I gonna say anything? heck no.

Oh good, Hawaiian flamboyant physics professor. Hooray!

Hmm, they got new tables in Hawaii, too bad they still dress like the '80s.
So we're watching this Hawaiians physics man, and it's nutty.

I'm cold and sleepy.

Good nap, I fell asleep.
Yeah,I fell asleep halfway through. I always do with this guy. How many of you's be knowing how long it takes for me to fall asleep? It begins with an "N" and ends with "ot very long."

-Later- Aight, still sleepy. I get the physics 100% though, makes sense.

So, just got my test back. 144/150. Highest. I'm mad though, cause I missed an easy one. Oh well, Off to golf!

Between 5th and 6th - Here I am in world history. I such at vector golf with the grid. I hit 1 shot out of 4, not even good. I hate this class. Kill me now. Robert sucks.

9:30 - booooooooring. We're correcting in world history, my person didn't do much of her assignment. So, I sit here, nearly dying.

why does everyone have to ask "Does this count?" just figure it out! Classic line from today - "How could they stop wars? Try to be friends!"
Glen honestly put the answer "They could try to be friends" to the question "What could the pope and kings have done to limit some wars that went on in the middle ages?" Good times, gotta love Glen.

9:36 - To fight boredom, we put a rubber band around one hand, and have to get it off like a retard, yay! 1 minute, 14 seconds was my record.
Ok, that's a pretty fun game. You put a rubber band on your thumb, then snake it behind your fingers and put it on your pinky. Make sure its tight, then you've got to get it off just using that hand. It's fun!

9:42 - Test time. pee. I got no idea how to do this madness, It's BS time.

10:15 Break time. I'm all done 'cept for 3 essays. I have no idea on them, so I'm leaving them till next time. I didn't have my notebook. Oh well, 5 minutes till TVTV. I don't know if I'm gonna make it.

10:20 - Sweet lady freedom! I made it.

10:24 - Stop the press. Robert got an A on his assignment. Good crap, it's amazing, I'm surprised.
Yes. He did make me write that.

Band - I play crappy in Jazz 2, good in combined. It was cold in there, and I didn't write. yeah. So, band was good I guess. I do fine if I'm confident, but if I'm not I don't hit notes right. It's bad news, I'm not good at all, you can tell.

Lunch - I ran to my locker, then me, Jasahn, and Robert go to firebert's house to play halo. we played 2 games of lockout. I got 2nd and 3rd. It was great. Almost missed 8th period, had to run.
Ok, it was good times with Halo. I was playing pretty good, and keeping up with Paco at least. I got some good plays, it was good times indeed.

1:00 - Our final for Macbeth is to write an essay on one of 18 topics. They all suck, I've got no idea, and it's hand written.

In short, I'm screwed.

I get to English, and this is the assignment for the whole day. Curseword.

1:03 - I'm gonna write on "Who is ultimately responsible for Duncan's death?" We're searching for Mike hoffman. We've got the vampire sub.
The vampire sub is the one that got lasered by the dentist, and had to tell the whole world about it. Its a sad story the first 4 times you hear it. After that, you begin to think she's just a lady on a soapbox, and then you begin to hope the soapbox will catch fire. luckily, she kept it down today.

1:15 - I just got done webbing, but can't seem to start. I want stallion so bad. I don't wanna do it..............Maybe it's me.
Do you know how hard it is for me to write by hand? Pretty hard.

1:18- Still nothing.

1:21 - Ahhh! I wanna go ride bikes.
ADD sets in, HARD.

1:25 - I just threw a paper in the [garbage] can from my desk and made it! Score! Still wrote nothing.

1:26 - I'm actually moaning.
At this point, I audibly starting moaning like some sort of wounded cow. It was pretty fun.

1:35 - I just finished my intro paragraph. 4 more to go. w00t.

1:44 - 2nd paragraph done, I feel like my brains are getting sucked out of my nose. Send help soon.
I'm gettin desperate here folks, Its so hard to concentrate. Courtney and Joey and Erin are very distracting people. Ahhh!

1:47 - I just took a break and visited Steven in the hallway. I'm a rebel.
So, I saw Steve Mundee in the hallway, and just walked out of class to hang out with him for 3 seconds. Good times.

1:54 - 15 minutes left, and halfway through paragraph 3. Ahhh!

2:00 - One paragraph left! This essay blows! Oh well!

2:07 - Done! It sucks, but it's done. Slap a catchy title ("I blame the economy") and turn it in. w00t, time for track.

2:19 - No shirt on. Jason has ragin pecs.
Yeah, he made me write that too. In the locker room he saw me writing, and made me say that. Don't ask.

3:30 - Track just got finished. 20 minutes indoor. Should have been easy, wasn't.

It was fun to hang out w/ the CC guys again, my legs hurt.
It's just a fun time when you get a bunch of guys that like hanging out with each other to run around inside the school together. We jumped and hit every single thing that we could possibly touch for the first 3 or 4 laps. Then they all started doing insane stunts and crap that were just funny. Thadeus did a cartwheel, and a roundoff, then a somersault. Wow, I wish I was as cool as that studmuffin.

Now I wait for pops.

3:34 - outside sittin' on the curb waiting. Dad is gonna take me straight to the doc. I'm worried, He's not gonna be happy. (the doc). My A1C is gonna be high. Oh well, at least I've exercised. Maybe I'll hit 6 foot.
When you go to the Doc they measure your weight and height. The last couple times I've been there I've always got closer to 6 foot, but never hit it. I really want to today.

3:41 - Dad gets me, we drive to the Doc. I take a little nap cause I'm exhausted.

4:07 - Made it here, Dad logs in, I sit and look at fish. It smells funny.
I love this place, cause its a pediatric place, for little kids ya know. So there are always a bunch of little 7 year olds running around, then me. They sit and watch Disney movies, and I sit there and try not to look too scary. It doesn't work, they always run from me.

4:43 - On the road again. So, they call us back to the room, and the nurse comes in to do her junk. She must have been new, not even good. I'm shrinking. She's not good at blood.
The nurse wasn't even good! She didn't do the A1C blood thing right, and then blamed it on me. I was a little ticked. She got my height wrong I'm pretty sure. How can I be shrinking?! She measured me at 5'11.25, which is shorter than last time! Ahh!

Dr. Lindsay came in, and we joked about me gettin' last in CC. Then we got down to business. My A1C was poop, 8.6, not even good. So, I got switched to Lantus, which I'm excited about. It ought to be good, he was nice about it, didn't really hassle me too much. On the road~
I expected him to give me a lecture about how bad I sucked, but he didn't. He was pretty mellow today, which was surprising to me. He was way nice about stuff though. He seemed glad that I was running and stuff. He sent me home with 2 vials of Lantus, which is alot cooler than the novalin I'm on now. it works 24 hours long, not just 8 like novalin. I think I'm gonna be able to take alot better care of myself now. Score.

5:12 - Home, hooray. On the drive home me and dad talked about band stuff, I don't know if I'm gonna do it next year. I saw a crane that said "Putzmeister." Made me laugh. I really need to take care of my bloodsugar.
C'mon, a crane that says putzmeister, that's funny.

Check my email - More junk from colleges. I shouldn't have signed up for that trash. I'm gonna waste the next 30 minutes.
Every day I come home and see I have mail, and I'm so excited. Then I realize it's from the university of Colorado, blah blah blah. Shutup.

I just got a good email forward! Ha!

5:30 - That was unproductive. Nothing exciting. Nada fun. I think it's nap time, I'm out, like a fat girl in dodge ball.
Nap time!

6:20 - I'm tired, the power it out, we're going to dinner now. I wanna sleep!
So, they woke me up, and I really didn't wanna wake up. I have trouble waking up.

9:23 - I didn't write for 3 hours, here's how it went.

We drove to La Frontera (106th South State) and ate. I had a smothered burrito with cheese and onions, way good. I had fun being with the familia.

So, we came home, and our power is still out. Steph suggests we go to the dollar theater and see Just Like Heaven, so we do. Mom doesn't want to, oh well.

I absolutely loved the movie. It's the best movie I've seen in a long time. I suggest it to anybody. Best dollar I've spent on a movie in a long time.
Wow, that was a super great movie. Good times indeed. Best movie I've seen in ages, go see it now. It costs a dollar, c'mon.

So, the power is out. It's a very odd deal. It's been out for at least 3 hours now, and it's a tiny block that is powerless. When we got home we looked out our back window and saw our back door neighbors had power. We groaned, and said they were buttheads. 30 seconds later their lights went out. Oops.
I feel like a bad person for that.

So, I write by flashlight. It's fun. Nothing to do. I think ima read my sticks.

9:31 - Whoohoo! I just went downstairs to read and before I had opened the BOm the Christmas tree turned on! Yay! Power! My computer is booting up right now, I'm gonna type this all up real soon. w00t.

9:32 - Internet is down, I gotta go restart dad's comp. Ahh.

9:33 - Nah, I don't. We have Login.

9:40 - When there's no power it seems WAY late. Now I'm up, perky, and seeing things w.o the use of a flashlight. Messenger is fun, a waste of time, but fun. Gonna fly now.
So now I'm just hanging out on my computer, it's fun stuff. I love electricity.

9:51 - I lack the motivation gene.

9:53 - Well, I typed my title, but I'm chatting, and just started whiteboard with autumn, so it might be a while.

9:58 - Whiteboard woulnd't connect. I guess I write at last!

10:35 - Finish transcribing notebook. Gonna add comments now.

10:52 - Finish comments.

Today has been a really great day. It's been a long one, with all sorts of stuff in it. Tomorrow is gonna be a great day too methinks. Umm, I think that's it. Live long and prosper guys, I hope this was more fun than boring. I had fun doing it. Alrighty, G'night all.


riss. said...

so pretty much, that was really funny. Well, it sure made me laugh a lot. Highly entertaining.

Maybe someday, i'll go thought and make more detailed comments. untill then- marissa fay.

Nick said...

Wow. You could change your blog into some sorta daily journal thing that would be awesome and absolutely pwn everybody else's lame-o blogs.

Anonymous said...

Wowsers. I am really impressed. my rubber-band dislodge time took 58 seconds. I am teh amazingness. My pecs hurt today. Everybody is touching me, and it hurts them even more. I'm not in shape for track. I took last in Halo both games. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun even though you had to carry around a notepad like a purse the whole day. But WHO CARES
So, great play by thatcher for the score, HyperText Markup Language it's great fun.

riss. said...

58 seconds? thats nothin. I could kick your butt. I'm pro.

just kidding. But I might be able to beat you in Halo.