Monday, July 31, 2006

Blogaday Day 2!

Here's the trouble with blogaday: I write no matter what.

The great thing about the publishing world is that when you send something to a publisher and it sucks, they send it back and they say it sucks. No way around it, they don't dodge aroud the issue, they just say it sucks. If it's not up to snuff, it's tossed out.

There is no publisher here. There's no grand plan. There's nothing but a big fat deadline. The sooner I get this written the sooner I get to bed.

So blogaday is interesting, because you end up with a post that is entirely different than a post you'd get any other time. Any other time I write a post it's because I've got something to say. Now I write a post because I've got to say something. So here we are, what am I going to say? No idea. Let's move on to exhibit A.

So... blogger won't let me upload any images. There goes exhibit A. Sigh.

Moving on....

For CC we ran 12 miles today. That's a ridiculous amount. Nobody should run that many miles after taking a week off. I'm still feeling it. It was a good run and all, but it was rough. It shattered my great theory that you can run forever. I used to believe that once you get past the 2 mile mark, as long as you take it slow and eat and drink enough water, you could run forever.

Unfortunately, the theory starts to break down towards mile 11.

So it was rough, but good. I finished it honorably. We got beat by a bunch of sophomores, I'm not sure how they did it, but whatever. More power to them. I think our team's gonna be raging.

I spent alot of the day after that asleep. I've felt weak all day. Me and my body are in a fight, it didn't like that run too much. Too bad I'm in charge eh? Hear that meatbag, I'm the winner, you're the loser. You'll do what I say. Don't make me come over there to where I'm at and you're at and we're still both at and we can't really get away but I'm gonna come get you anyways.

So really now. 12 miles is alot. But it's ok, cause I get to go to bed soon. Sleep will make things better.

You know what's trouble? Those personal messages on MSN messenger. The little italic text that you get to put after your name. The trouble exists because they've got insane potential, but you never know whether to take them seriously or not. They can be veiled messages to the whole world, and reveal how one is feeling in their innermost kidney. Just through analyzing the semantics of the whole bit, you'll find out what they had for breakfast yesterday. Sometimes they're deep, like a deep hole of some sort. So, you get used to analyzing these things, reading in to them, trying to figure out what's going on with your friends.

Then some other times, they don't mean anything. Sometimes I just throw some stuff up there for fun, and I can only assume other people do that too. It is in these cases that we tend to over analyze and make a fool of ourselves.

"Hey look, Example Girl A's personal message is "I like ultimate frisbee and guys who run cross country. I also enjoy halo." I should go bust a move!"

Me: "So, example girl A, I hear you like frisbee."

Example Girl A: "I'm a middle aged guy named Eugene."

Me: "Oh snap."

/log out

So really now, to simplify life, a breakdown of all the personal messages I've had in the past little while, and their significance.

Troubador - A traveling poet/song man in the high middle ages. Why is it my personal message? Because it's unique, and isn't super happy. It's not sad, but it's not super happy, and therefore it fits the mood sometimes fairly well. It means absolutely nothing, but it looks like it does. In that sense, I suppose it means more than anything else could at that moment. How's that for unneccesary depth?

The truth shall set you free - Taken from the bible, a good old line that's been cliche'd to death. The trouble with things being cliche'd to death is that they're usually very true, but after being cliche'd to death nobody wants to admit it. However, it's a good reminder to myself that the truth will set you free. None of this "I'm not gonna tell the whole story" business for me. I thought of it one night after having a particularly difficult conversation with a friend. It was a rough one, and I figured it was probably so because there was alot of stuff that just wasn't said for fear of other such stuff. So, the truth will set you free. And I really believe that.

Frisbee friday, 7 oclock, bennion elementary - This one isn't what it seems. It takes alot of courage to reveal this one, but I think it's time. When you scramble the letters about, you end up with a cryptic message that reveals my unnatural fear of rejection. It's true. I'll let you try to unscramble it, but one of the words involved is "onion." You say "But wait, this message appears nearly every thursday night, it doesn't make sense." That's where you're wrong you mountebank. Throughout the week I go about gathering courage to finally bust a move on thursday night. I do so, and am rejected each time. I thought the pain and fear of such a terrible answer was gone with the passing of the region dances, but no, it's back. So there you have it. My heart is crushed each and every thursday night. I set my personal message, then regroup. By next thursday, my spirit bar is high enough that I can attempt again. At which point, the cycle continues.

~ - That one means that I have no adequate message for what I want to say. Pretty basic. Like cole slaw even.

So there you have it. My secret life. I hope that was informative.

Now it's time for an even more fun game. I'm going to interpret what everyone else's personal messages mean.

Levi - Christian Rock Hardcore. Period.
This one obviously refers to an inner fear of clowns and loud noises. He wants to mask this fear by embracing the Christian music scene and wearing black lip stick. This makes him especially vulnerable to fire attacks, but gives him added resistance to rock and lightning based assaults.

Kendal - Spaghettification
Unless I'm mistaken, this refers to the internet counter-culture joke that is the flying meatball theory. See, a bunch of weirdo's decided that it wasn't evolution, and that it wasn't anything else but a large flying meatball that people'd the world. Spaghettification has something to do with becoming one with the meatball or something like that. Interestingly enough, it also affords resistance to lightning attacks, but adds great weakness to bible type moves. Fancy that.

That got old quick.

What's the deal with cardboard?

Yeah, it's definitely time to bring this to a close. Thanks to all our sponsors of blogaday day 2. Namely google adsense, and mozilla firefox. Now for some closing Haiku's

I'm like darkwing duck
saving the world with plungers
I wear a towel

Yeah, now some from Nick. Yay for Nick for actually giving my haiku's. Feel free to give me some. Email them to me at CJThatcher at Gmail dot com.

Swords and sorcery
Just don't cut the cheese for me
I need more... ninjas.

As you can see, Nick greatly outskills me. But as for now, it's bed time, so have a good night all. G'night blogaday day 2.

2 down, 5 to go. Sigh.


Nick said...

I have first comment
All you suckers can't touch this
Fo' shizzle, nizzle

Courtney said...

courtney loves darkwing duck!
yay for old school disney channel.