Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blogaday Day 3!

Holy crap, I've made it to day three. That's ridiculous.

So here were are, it's tuesday night. What's the news? I played some mad frisbee today, that was super hot for a bit. Me and Fairborn were on the same team for the first game we played, and it was a total rampage. The teams looked like they were fair, but my team had all the fast young guys, and their team had all the old guys that weren't willing to run. So while they could throw more accurately or something like that, we just outhustled them. On at least 3 occaisions, we kicked off, and I ran down to guard the disc. Instead of just trying to guard the disc and get a swat out of the deal, I pushed his throws to one side. I sorta purposely guard one side hard, and leave the other side a little more open. They always throw to the open side, that's the idea. So then Fairborn, who knows this plan, has been lagging just a tiny bit on that open side, behind the thrower just enough to let the bad guys think he's not a threat. Once the throw is in the air, he pounces like a raging animal and gets a killer swat. He picks the frisbee up, by which point I'm in the endzone for an easy point. At least 3 points were fairborn to myself, a couple were me to fairborn, and a few more were just odds and ends. We finally called the game at 8-1 on account of it being a rout.

So that was frisbee, it was good times. I ended up playing in my jean shorts cause my gym shorts are all smelly. I sweat so much, it's ridiculous. I can't wear gym shorts more than once without a wash because it's just terrible. Everything is wet, I feel like I've been swimming. On monday, my entire shirt was saturated. Trouble was, it was a big shirt, that went way past where my shorts started. There was a good 7 or so inches that got wet just by capillary action. Good crap.

I figure the sweat thing is a biological advantage. I never ever overheat. Temperature isn't really an issue for me, I just cool off. There's the catch though, I have to drink alot more water to stay hydrated, and nobody wants to stand next to me. It's survival of the fittest really. Sure, I survive longer, but the terrific stench presents some obvious obstacles to passing on my genes.
So, cross country is all the sudden terribly terribly hard. We have our first race in three weeks. That's a terrible time for our first race. I am really beginning to wish that all my camps and youth conference and stuff had been at the beginning of the summer. I've got scout camp all next week. That leaves me with this week to train, next week to say I'll run but never actually do it, and then the week after that to get ready for a race. Since competitions are about to start, coach has shifted us away from distance training towards speed training. So, Monday was probably our last distance run for a while. According to coach, it was closer to 15 miles than 12. D'oh.

Anyways, tonight we were supposed to be doing an organized fartlek run. Fartlek is swedish or something for "Speed play". The concept is you run normal, then you do a burst of speed for a while, then run normal again. It helps develop your kick at the end of races, and just your speed over all. Tonights practice was entirely on the track. Coach would blow the whistle, and we'd jog. He'd blow it again, and we'd speed up to somewhere between a jog and a sprint. He'd blow the whistle again and we'd sprint like crazy. Once he blew it after that, you jog again, lather, rinse, and repeat.

So, that shouldn't have been too hard, but it was terrible. I sucked it up big time, and had to honestly stop. I never have to stop at practice, that's just not something you do. You suck up the pain, you wade through the terrible agony and keep running. Yeah, I couldn't do that tonight.

See, practice is at 8. I tested at 7:40, and I was 65. That's way too low to go running on, so I immediately went in search of food. I had eaten all the bananas earlier, so we didn't really have anything quick to eat. I searched around, still nothing quick. Sure, we had some tier 4 and 5 stuff, but nothing easy. So, I ended up having some milk, some tang, and then some ice cream. Ice cream is a horrible thing to eat before a run, it's just not smart.

So, I get to practice, and my bloodsugar is fine, it's on the way up. We can determine that the reason I sucked tonight wasn't pancreas related. Anyways, we're on the 4th or 5th lap of this crazy workout, and I just feel like I'm dying. Coming around the far curve, I thought I was gonna hurl for the second time ever while I was running. It was just crazy talk. So, I finally finish that lap, by now I'm hobbling for the jog part, the semi-sprint is something like a fast shuffle, and the sprint is unrecognizable by even the most generous eyes. I figure it's time to stop, so I sorta lean up against the fence, and tell coach that I'm gonna sit down for a minute.

So there you have it, I wussed out of practice. They only ran 3 or so more laps, but it was still ridiculous. Coach thought it was all blood sugar related, and so he was pretty worried about me. I don't really know what the deal was, but me and my body still aren't getting along too well. The idea of running anywhere from 12 to 15 miles yesterday, getting not enough sleep, playing a frisbee game, and then eating ice cream right before a speed workout just doesn't quite add up to a good performance.

Either way, I did most of the workout I suppose, and coach didn't give me any grief cause he thought I was gonna die.

Tomorrow morning is 400 repeats. 400 repeats are probably the worst workouts ever. They're crazy hard. I love the 400 meter race, but the repeats are ridiculous. You run one, trying to keep your time somewhere around 65 seconds. You get anywhere from 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes rest, and then you do it again. You're expected to keep your time at or under 65 seconds. It's crazy talk.

Coach says we're doing 12 tomorrow morning. I say we're doing 8. We'll see who wins.

If anybody asks, my bloodsugar is low.

Just kidding, I'd never use that excuse to get out of running. I hate that whole idea. That's so lame. I'm not gonna do it. I didn't do it tonight. Coach knew I was fine, he was just worried. I'm not gonna be a wuss. I'm gonna do my best on those 400's tomorrow morning, even if I can't finish them all.

I'm going to bed early tonight so I can be a little better rested. I'm gonna hurry and get ready for bed, then have a bowl of cereal. I think that's one of the problems, I haven't been eating enough. More food, more energy. It works hand in hand.

So, that's my cross country stories. It's getting hard. Real hard. However, I did get some super shwanky new shoes and shorts tonight, compliments of my awesome mom. I'm really happy with them, the shorts are just right, and the shoes are real nice as well. Score it, things are good.

Blogaday day three, what's going through my head? I'm thinking that I could be in bed right now if I didnae have to write this. I'm thinking that I dunno how good these are. I'm thinking maybe I should work on these before 10 at night, maybe do something quality while the sun's still up.

What happened to the good old days when CC was easy? What happened to the good old days when I was a fat kid? Where oh where did my happy weak and not-sore muscles go? Where'd my happy feet go?

It's just owning my body, I'm not gonna lie. Oh well, I'll recover soon, and then I'll be raging. Maybe I'm already raging, I don't even know. The important thing is, I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. How d'you like them apples?

Me and kyle went 1-1 in warcraft today. We're always 50%. We can never seem to win more than we lose. We're working on that.

Ok, it's really time for bed, g'night folks, have a good one. Cya.


Nick said...

I can vouch that you went to bed early. Um... in other news, quality of Blodaday is declining. Work on that. In yet more news, I'm out of ideas for posting, and seem to have some writer's block, as well. So, no more new book posts. So, unless somebody wants to give me something to write about, or an idea for my book, say goodbye to that for a little while.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...either you type fast or you have a lot of free time.

Courtney said...

i believe it's both. ;) but whatever it is, i love thatchers blog.