Sunday, October 22, 2006

Find Me

I'd like to thank all the region dance girls for being modest and amazing and good. You make me want to be the best person I can be, because you're all just too good for anything less.

Yea verily, you guys are awesome. Thanks for making me smile and want to be better.


Nathan said...

Hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

Oh well thank you so much! Thank you for being such gentlemen and proving to us that we deserve the best, thank you for being that!

Kortney said...

I would have to thank you for being a so respectful and honoring your priesthood. It just makes us girls want to be better because you are doing what you should be doing!

M-smash said...

You're cool. I'm cool.

We should hook up.

Or at least be best friends.


-muh muh muh molz

Combat Kyle said...

Indeed you are wise.