Saturday, October 14, 2006

Life Theory Part II: Desire

It all starts with desire.

An individual that I cannot remember once taught me alot about this. I don't recall the words that he spoke, but the lesson that was imparted has stayed with me, and has become a large part of my life philosophy. It has been very useful to me, and now I relate it to you. Take it as it is.

Before we can accomplish anything, we must first desire to accomplish it. I don't believe that we can make ourselves into better people until we have the desire and want to become better. Once we can achieve and find that basic impetus, the doors are opened and we can move on to greater and higher opportunities.

When the desire to progress is not present, our forward locomotion is dramatically reduced. I believe that some progression will come simply by our efforts to continually expand our lungs despite the crushing forces of the atmosphere pushing on us. However, this progression is nearly negligible, and is not the life-altering ascension we seek for.

As we gain a desire to become better, we will become great. Work must be done, hardships endured- for nothing comes without its price. Simply desiring is not enough to acchieve greatness, but it is the first step. Gain a desire to become better, and through time, it will surely come to pass.


Courtney said...

ooh. i like it. :D it's true. :D

Nathan said...

I couldn't agree more.

Kortney said...

100% true!

Combat Kyle said...

Good post, I need to do something inspiring like this some time soon. What a stud you are.