Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Perpetuate the bounce

We're going to be redoing the Alliance soon. No big surprises there. No big dissappointments either, I'm happy to take a step back, wipe the slate clean, and try again. It's a learning process. Our first attempt didn't take off, and our second one ended up being too much work. Therefore, it's on to phase three!

I guess there's no reason to keep our plans a secret, so a little talk about what's going to be happening. This is what the Allies are planning. And when I say "The Allies" I mean me. But they agree, simply by the virtue they haven't disagreed with it yet.

Our problem with the first two iterations was the fact that it wasn't necessary. It wasn't filling a gap. You can't fix a hole that isn't there. Therefore, we're aiming to find a hole and fix a hole, here we go.

There's been a huge influx of T-ville bloggers recently. Tons of em, they're coming out of the woodwork. With the Alliance this time around, we're going to get the entire directory functional. We'll have everybody, the juniors, seniors, sophomores. We might even branch out into the graduated folks and the freshmen folks. We're going to be the place to come to find anybody. We're going to actively track these people down and convince them to join our Alliance.

Secondly, we're going to publish a daily roundup with links to all of the posts. Everybody's posts. They'll be sorted by grade I'm thinking, for easy reference. Gone will be the days of using your rss feedreader or google reader to figure out if there's a new post. This'll just be up there, effective.

Thirdly, we shall create fun stuff to get the community thinking. I've always had a thing for community wide competitions. In the past we pulled off a killer MS Paint tournament. While no one officially won, it was still a huge success. There's going to be more of that, but just a little bit different. It's going to be very easy for everybody to hop right in. It's not a big time investment, the competitions will be easy, but there'll be room to excell. There's going to be more information on the competition side of things once we get it a little better panned out.

So basically, we're simplifying, and reanalyzing our goals. Sometimes you've gotta do that, and I'm down with it.

Of course, this is just the basics of the Alliance, this is just the new fresh start. We plan on this being the stuff that is always there, and we plan to expand upon it as time goes on and as the need arises. I still dream of a place where we can consolidate all of our doodles we draw in school, all of the art we make and the stories we write and all that other good stuff. We still want to do that, but we understand now that we're going to have to create a community first in order to pull it off.

So that's the task of the new Alliance, to create a community. Get everybody unified. We are trying to make this whole deal work better. As people join the Alliance, they're gonna get more traffic. In turn, they're going to send the Alliance more traffic back. That extra traffic is going to give everybody else's blog greater traffic as well. This means that everybody's work is going to be seen by a wider audience, and I think everybody wants that. It's a bigger and stronger exchange of ideas. If history class has taught us anything, the exchange of ideas always brings progress. Progress is what the Alliance is all about.

That's the plan, we're gonna roll out the new deal in the realistic and near future. We're focusing on uniting the current long-time bloggers, supporting the fledgling bloggers, and encouraging everybody else to seriously consider starting a blog. Over time we're going to develop resources to help people write more and push the limits of this whole blogging adventure. I can see a community developing here, a community doing good things.

Ok, for reals this time. Alliance Phase Three is on the way, gonna be primo.

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Nathan said...

I was wondering what's been going on. Thanks for the info!

I'm psyched for Phase Three. I can't wait!

And I can vouch for the statement that the Alliance brings traffic--it's done wonders for my blog! ^_^