Monday, October 30, 2006

Alliance Plug

The Alliance is starting again! It's no longer just a theory, it's happening. We're gathering everyone's data right now, so we need you to head on over there and leave us a comment with your url and name so we can add you to the list of awesomeness. We want all of you to do it, even the obscure ones of you that don't go to Taylorsville. If you've got a webular site or a blog, we'd love to link off to you. Sophomores, Seniors, Juniors, Super Seniors, head on over and sign up. We'll send some traffic your way, it's going to be way awesome. I'm super excited, so go do it.

I do have quite a post stored up, another one of those idea exploration things. But alas, I think I'm going to save it for yet another day. Yeah, I know.

But you do get some prizes today. Something I rarely do. Pictures!

This is my pumpkin for this year. It turned out better than I expected. For the Ultimate-impaired, that's a player laying out for the disc. I dream of having the courage to do something like that. *dreamy sigh*

This is last years model of the pumpkin. I was growing weary of the whole pattern scene. Everybody has amazing pumpkins because everyone buys the pattern books. Last year, I held my head up high and fought back.

These next two are me on the back patio. Trying to look cool for a CC picture I needed to take. It's hard to time that wink right, I'm not going to lie.

That's me, telling you to go to the Alliance. Sign up, it's going to be fun!


Anonymous said...

Listen to the Alliance man, children.

M-smash said...

That second picture of you is pretty seductive Thatcher...


Claustrophobia sets in .... haha

good times.

Kortney said...

Amazing picture's Thatcher. I must say the are pretty much the hottest thing ever! ;)