Saturday, August 16, 2008


So, there's all this bigfoot news and whatnot going around. After the press conference today, pretty much everybody is happy to say that it's all been bunk.

And that makes a lot of sense. I'm happy with the conclusion that the two georgians and the slimy other dude are just bs'ing the whole thing. I can accept that.

And I've never been a huge bigfoot fan or anything. But I've become more interested this week, like every other nerd in the country.

So, yeah, I'm calling it, no real bigfoot. But it's a pity, because I think it'd be pretty sweet to actually have found a bigfoot. I know I'm a bigfoot noob and all that, but still. Wouldn't it be cool? It's just something that sorta fascinates me. The idea of finding a creature that's been thought about for so long. It's like a nerd's dream come true. That's the kind of stuff that brings people together! Who needs olympics when you've got a bigfoot on your hand?

But alas, tis not so. Do I believe in bigfoot? You know, maybe. Not to steal any taglines or anything, but,

"I want to believe!"

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Anonymous said...

Wo, Wo
I am glad you are excited about Bigfoot. You can hold rallies and parades if you want but leave the Olympics out of it.

-Marissa Worsham