Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Logan Blogaday - Day Eight

Happy Day Eight everybody. Thanks to everybody who has been reading and to those who have commented as well. Makes me feel all dandy inside it does.

It's pretty late, and I don't have my homework done. I don't exactly have my textbooks. In my attempts to not spend money on books, I seem to have run into the problem of not being able to get books without paying for them. I should have books by next week, but for now, I'm sort of running into tomorrow without having done the work. I should be okay though, there's nothing absolutely crucial about tomorrow.

It's late, like I said, so this is going to be short. I spent about an hour today in one of the quiet sections of the libraries pondering some stuff. I had an assignment for Creative Arts to try to tell the professor something about myself using only a traced picture of my own hand and my artistic abilities. "Very few words" was the key.

So I spent a long time thinking about it and actually doing it. As far as my own art projects go, it's not too bad. While there, though, I couldn't help but write down a bit of self reflection. I always intended to post it here, so I will. This will conclude the post for the evening, I think. So here it is, something I actually wrote out long-hand before I typed it.

Self Reflection -> August 26.2008 ~ 12:00 PM

-> I can't define myself in terms of the superficial. I understand that I, like everyone else, have an outward appearance. I love ultimate, I used to run, I had a long-term relationship with calculus that might be starting again. But how much of that actually contributes to who I feel I really am? How much of that is even remotely important to "me"?

-> It goes back to one of my blog's (and therefore my life's) enduring questions: "When did I start being me?" and "What defines who me is?"

-> I've always felt that it's the choices we make every day that makes us, "us". I'm not saying that's the answer everyone has got to live by, but something inside me always leans toward that.

-> Still, how do I put that into words? How do I convey that graphically? Even if I believe I have an inkling of part of the way I became the fragile and temporary me that I am right now, does that mean I know who me is?

It's been a good day. I hope that you're all doing excellent. I'm excited to study hard and do better tomorrow. Much love friends.

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