Sunday, March 04, 2007

Click Survey

I tried explaining this click survey to a few people tonight. It sure didn't work, so I'm just going to post it.

It's really cool. You click on something, and it tells you where you clicked, and where everybody else clicked. The patterns are very interesting indeed.

I love seeing data graphically. There's something very eloquent about having enormous amounts of information being placed right in front of you for consumption in mere seconds. Patterns and trends are so readily apparent.

I love graphs. Not a day goes by that I don't think "Oh man, if I were to graph this, it'd totally follow this pattern...."

In fact, one of the cool posts I've been planning on for what feels like a half year is my Life Graphs post. It's basically where I sit down one day and figure out all the graphs that I can create out of my life. I'd have an energy graph, where I wake up at little energy, then gradually work my way up to a steady line during school, then totally die during the afternoon, and then shoot way way up at night time. See, I could have skipped that last run on sentence and just displayed all that information graphically. It would have made more sense and stuck with you.

Man. I love graphs.

But it doesn't just have to end with graphs. There are hundreds of ways to display information. That's something I really really enjoy- finding new ways to effectively transmit data. It's all about the communication. Nontraditional media is the coolest, and oftentimes the most efficient. Other times it's not.

The important thing is that it's really really really cool. I love business like that.

My tentative schedule for next year: (tell me what you think)

AP Calc
Ap Calc
Ap Psych
Adult Roles
AP English (or maybe humanities)
Concert Choir/Seminary (If concert choir works out schedule wise, I'll be taking early morning)

In order to graduate with that schedule, I'll have to test out of Comp tech and take health online. Plus write a letter to my counselor telling them to change journalism to a CTE credit.


Indubitably indeed.

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