Monday, March 05, 2007

The Truth About Girls (By: My Brother)

The Truth about Girls

With caution and care,
to my love did I walk,
with style and grace,
these words did I talk.

I looked in your eyes,
to see if it's true,
to see if you love me,
the way, I love you.

A stunning reply,
came from her face,
but quickly it changed,
to shame and disgrace.

With a quick swing of her arm,
and flick of her wrist,
she knocked me a big one,
with her cold metal fist.

I had but one strike,
still two left to go,
I approached her again,
this time more slow.

I wanted a kiss,
if not just a hug,
instead she offered
another hard slug.

She grabbed my limp frame,
I liked it at first,
things rapidly changed,
and turned for the worst.

I tried hard to run,
and shouted for mom,
she finished me off,
with a big power-bomb.

This story I tell,
to inform each of you,
girls are robots,
it's really quite true.

It is clear they are programmed,
to tell all men "no".
They taunt us profusely,
then to the restroom they go.

But what can we do,
with these androids of death?
They have but on weakness,
their last dying breath!

Tell them they're nice,
and pretty and fun.
Butter them up,
and a victory you've won.

Just don't forget,
the words I have said.
If you fail to listen,
dang pal, you're dead!

-Nathan Thatcher (Legends XVII, Literary Magazine, 1999)


M-smash said...

ouch. sounds like rejection hard core. I feel for him...


Courtney said...

lol. i love it. that's amazing!

it's funny cuz it's true! ;)

:D this is awesome.

Kortney said...

Wow, that was pretty funny. Silly boys.

Anonymous said...

that's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

hey, if you compliment us right, or do it the right way, then there should be no problem. just dont' start out with the I love yous.