Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Night Wikibomb

Happy Sunday everybody. I just went on an epic wikibomb. I didn't read the entirety of all the articles, but I skimmed most of them. I learned a lot tonight, even if it was just a tiny bit of background knowledge.

Paleo asked a question regarding Jenghis Khan, who was featured in my recent doodle post.

Q: "Genghis is sometimes known as Jenghis, so how can he be his son?"

A: MJ (our world history teacher) always called him Jenghis. We always call him Genghis. We thought this was comical, and decided to mock this new Jenghis character. We all knew that MJ meant Genghis. We were bored and wanted to have some fun, so Jenghis was born.

We have taken artistic license. Yes, we are making history up. It's inaccurate, but at least it helps us survive the day.

In conclusion, Libya is a land of contrast.

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The Warrior said...

Ah, why thank you...that explains things for me. ;-P

And to answer my question, rubidium decays to strontium. :-D

Thanks for answering!