Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hats off to February

Eat my shorts February. You're dead, and I'm not.

For the first night in what feels like forever I've got all my homework done. The last several weeks have seen me getting *almost* all my homework done. I've always been missing one subject. The actual subject varied, but it was always there.

There's nothing worse than going to school unprepared. You know that there's trouble coming. You're trying to find time to do it. You've either got to squeeze lunch or shaft an easier class.

Not today, oh no. I've got it all done. History, English, Chemistry. All y'alls are done.

I'm proud of myself, I'm not gonna lie. I had a good chance to call it quits, and I didnae. I kicked that homework's butt. I owned it. I made it mine. My name is all over it.

I have a huge post to write. I've had a huge post to write for a week now. I've never sat down to write it though. I'm going to write it tomorrow I hope.

I want to hang out with girls sometime this weekend. Last week failed at that task, it was sorta sad business.

We're having a hairy-leg appreciation day. Everyone's invited. Except for Eric.

Just kiddin'. Eric can come if he wants.

I'm a champion, I got my homework done. February tried to kill me.

I didn't try to kill February. But now it's gone, and I'm still here. Congratulations me.



Kortney said...

February is over! I'm happy, you're happy, everyone's happy!

Courtney said...

lol. february wasn't so bad....

but i'm way ready for spring, that's for sure.

way to go on the homework, thatcher. i wish i had your dedication.