Friday, March 09, 2007

Historical Accuracy

Remember the Doodle Project I talked about forever-long ago? I love doodles, so tonight I finally set up my pseudo-studio and took pictures of all my good doodles for the past two years.

It was a shoddy process, one that could have been entirely avoided with a scanner. That's on my list of things to buy once I'm rich.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the doodles. Remember, click to enbiggen.

Medicine Man. Ink on lined paper. AP English, March 8, 2007

I drew this today. I really enjoyed sketching with a pen, it's something I've never really done before. I finally got perspective to work on this, sort of.

Jenghis Khan. Pencil on lined paper. Sophomore World History

This is Jenghis Khan. It's Genghis Khan's lesser-known step son. He probably likes boys. He's a fairy, but not the magical kind- the feminine kind. Inspired by the one and only MJ, and his constant artistic interpretation of the pronunciation of historical figures' names.

Holy Roman Nick: HRN. Pencil on lined paper. Sophomore World History

Who needs the Holy Roman Emperor when you've got Holy Roman Nick? It's not the best photograph, but the detail on this man is amazing. He's got laser beams for eyes, a giant sword, and Hanes of ownage. He stands at something like 296 feet tall. That makes Kyle look like Eric.

Fshaw! Pencil on lined paper. Sophomore World History

There's a really cool story behind this one. It's still one of my favorites. The expression on that face just kills me, and the fact that she's got scissor-fingers on that one hand is just too good. The handwriting is exactly representative too. All in all, pretty much the coolest thing to ever come off of one of my pencils.

Fan Man. Pen on lined paper. AP Junior English. March 8, 2007

Another one I drew today. I wanted to do something with more of a radial feel. I ended up with a guy leaning back, so I added the fan to give him a reason. The antlers are sort of cool. This is pretty unlike anything else I've ever done, and I like the originality.

Dictator. By Kyle. Pencil on lined paper. Sophomore World History.

What happens when you get a dyslexic dictator? Why, a potato with a bad mustache of course.

Fuzzy Ninja. By Nick. Pencil on lined paper. Junior Year Math.

Nick drew a ninja. The picture came out fuzzy, but it's pretty cool. He's totally holding ninja stars. I think it represents the movement for Women's Rights, what do you think?

Uncle Sam Ownage. Pencil on Lined. Sophomore World History.

Yeah, that's Uncle Sam with a flame thrower. You want a piece? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Warrior Ultimate. Pencil on lined paper + Photoshop. 1st quarter AP American History Junior.

Warrior Ultimate needs a good logo. This was the closest thing I could come up with. It evolved from at least a month of random doodles and brainstorming. I drew it on the back of a note Kyle sent me in Rockwell's, and I've been holding on to it since because it was so cool. By now it's all smeared and smudged, so I took the picture and then traced a bit in photoshop. I think I'm going to work on this a lot more in the near future.


And there you have it. I'll be doing a lot more doodles, and hopefully throwing them up here when I get the chance. I'm really excited to draw with a pen, that was really fun.

If you'd like your doodles to be featured (which I would really really love) throw them at me one day during school. It will be a party.

Happy Thursday everybody. Good luck with Friday.


Courtney said...

i'm kind of offended that the doodle from 9th grade geometry didn't make the cut. you know, the one of kyle in a dress. ;)

lol. although that one has probably disappeared into the recycle bin of doom.

Nick said...

I really like your banner.

It r0xx0rz my s0xx0rz.

Courtney said...

i'd have to agree with nick.

The Warrior said...

Hey! Genghis khan is sometimes known as Jenghis can that be his son?