Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I'm in the process of pimping my blog. It's been a long time coming. It's not anything cool yet, but at least I've got the temporary banner up. I'll work on it some more in the future and make it all smooth like. In the meantime, enjoy the banner.

A few thoughts.

Marissa says that there's no school spirit at Taylorsville. I can argue that, but I don't want to. For the purposes of this thought, we're going to accept that statement as fact and proceed under the assumption that no, there is no school spirit at Taylorsville.

My brain looks at this and says, "Why not?"

It's a lack of communication. That's the only reason.

TVTV isn't reaching the masses. Nobody watches it. The Announcements might as well be given in Swahili, no one can hear them.

We have no idea what's going on. We don't know why the administration insists on doing things the way they do. We don't know we're supposed to go to the meeting in the career center. I have no idea, and that's the problem.

Would increasing the level of communication between the office and the students have a direct impact on school spirit? I sure think so. What's the easiest way to boost the level of information flowing from the top? Make kids watch TVTV. Enforce it.

It has been said that the Media's job is not to tell people what to think, but merely to tell them what to think about. If students have to watch TVTV, they are influenced to think about Taylorsville.

Honestly. I think that'd do it.

It's not like there's no reason to have school spirit. There are reasons out there. We're a good school. ---> I've always believed that truth is the ultimate defense.

When you want to sweep a girl off of her feet, what do you do? You tell her the truth. You tell her exactly who she is to you and how she makes you feel. You tell her all the things you think about when she walks by and all the things you always wish you'd said but never had.

If that fails to sweep her off her feet, then you didn't deserve to sweep her anyways.

But there is no room for anything less than absolute truth in these regions. Truth is all you need. Anything else is a mockery and plain stupid. It'd be like using a metal spoon when you could use a baseball bat.

The truth is all you need. TVTV gives the truth. We just have to watch it.

At this point it's impossible to watch it. Students are too loud. Even if I wanted to I couldn't. It would take teacher facilitation.

There'd have to be work on TVTV's side as well. They'd have to present a good clean show that wasn't overbearing. They'd have to present the truth. They'd have to be on top of stuff.

That's how you fix school spirit. You enforce TVTV. A simple measure. You do it, you'll see school spirit bounce by 50 percent.

Why? Because I think I'm always right, that's why.



But I actually believe what I said up there. School spirit is just the scape goat though. It's really a much deeper concept here.

In fact, there are several concepts at play.

The biggest one is the classic flow of information concept. It goes like this:

The greater the flow of information, the better off the world is.
When people have information they are empowered to make better choices. When people make better choices their lives become better.

When information is restricted individuals lose their power.

Maybe that's why I love wikipedia.

And maybe that's why I don't think China will ever win.

Because China restricts information. And that's bad.


Why do I go to school?

I go to learn.

I've seen a lot of people this past month that are missing the point in school. Maybe they aren't missing the point. Maybe they're just missing my point.

They've got their agency, they get to choose what they do. But.... why enroll in precalc if you're not going to try to learn precalc?

If you're behind: ask questions.

You're not dead because you got behind. Just ask questions.

Ask for help. If you say "Thatcher, can you help me understand this?" By all means, I'll try to help you understand it. Brad asked the other day. So I'm gonna try to help him.


I'm pretty passionate about education. I believe it's the reason we're alive. I get in to it. I'm going for it. That's my number one priority right now. I'm going to school to learn. I understand that I need to graduate, I understand that running track is a good idea.

But my education comes first. If education means giving up track, then that's what I'll do.

Of course, education doesn't mean giving up track. It's a hypothetical situation.

But really now. Education. Get into it.

If you're burnt out and need a good discussion about it ---> come talk to me. I'm all about education.


Money. I need some of that.

Life is expensive. I always knew it, but I never really factored it into my life. This summer I'm going to get a job. That's high priority. I think that's higher priority than summer CC.

And summer CC is pretty high priority.

Why am I going to get a job? Because money now is going to help me make money later.

So what's the plan? I'm going to live frugal. I'm going to work like mad. I'm going to save like mad. I'm going to sit down and make a concrete plan in the near future. Right now it's all just an abstract, but I've got to get something figured out.

I talk about getting a job a lot. I don't get jobs a lot. Hmm.


I get the feeling that science knows a lot more about the way that mice work than about how humans work.

Every day you hear about new research about how chemical Y has this effect in lab mice, and that could mean that it might have this effect in people too.

But we're not sure about the people.

The mice we're positive of though. If anybody had a pet lab mouse with all sorts of cancers, oh man. We could save it.


Have I had a post named strontium before? I think I have.

What is it about Strontium that makes it such an appealing title to me? Big S. Little r. Atomic number of 38.


Here I am. It's 12:14. What do I wish for, what do I hope for? Where do the comma splices end and the real genuine feelings begin? There is a person behind all the writing. Here I am. Actually thinking, actually feeling. This is me. I'm right here.

I've got this thing about respecting the past versions of me. I know that I feel the way I do right now for a reason. Certain parameters have been met that have placed me precisely where I am right now. This is me at 12:17.

And so here I am. Just here. Not there yet. Only here.

Who's here with me? Where am I going? Who will I be when I get there?


Kortney said...

You're right about TVTV helping with the school spirit. It'd work if they could actually get it.

I agree with you on school. We all go to learn. We go to try and we each do our individual best. Yeah, it's really easy to just want to give up and quit. But if you do, what'll happen then? Exactly. I'm not about to find out.

Good luck with the job hunt. It'll be a good adventure for sure.

I like your questions at the end. I think about that stuff frequently. It'll be interesting to see all of us in five years. It'll be fun to reflect back on high school and see how far we each have come.

Life's really good; There is no need to give up.

So, in short, good post!

The Warrior said...

And strontium is the daughter product of...?

Nick said...

Wow, Thatcher. It's been two nights since the first Frisbee Friday and no optimistic post for the future? I'm disappointed in you.

Anonymous said...

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