Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Last post was ridiculously long. So long in fact, that many of you probably don't want to read it. I do not blame you for that. So, I'm going to make life easier on you. You may read it if you wish, or you can read my shortened version here. Here are the quick tidbits from last time:

  • I really like public forums, places where anyone can say anything they want, but only in a few words. I love grafiti, I love the thing they did at the conference center at first night, and I love that crazy highway with the rocks.
  • I'm pretty sure Ryan Shupe's (of Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band) parents are in my ward.
  • I like balderdash, but im unable to go barefoot because of someone else's mistakes.
  • Im not good at carpet. Just cause I pretend doesnt make it true.
  • My frisbee ought to get here tonight.
  • Last year was the best, and worst year ever. At least thats what last post said. Now I'm pretty sure it was just the best.
  • Nerd team last year was amazing, Track was amazing, CC this year was amazing, working in the summer was way cool,
  • Love is like life on steroids.
  • Its just like normal life, cept raised to the nth degree
  • When you're up you're way up, and down you're way down.
  • If life is like hunting with a BB gun, then love is like hunting with a rocket launcher.
  • You go along with a BB gun, shoot stuff, kill some stuff, eat stuff. One day you shoot yourself in the foot, and it hurts, and you walk off. You only take down squirrels, but thats cool.
  • Love is like a rocket launcher. You walk along, and kill everything in your path. You can take down an elephant, and you eat good. Then one day you shoot yourself in the foot, and you just lost both legs.
  • '05 was a great year
  • '06 will be a great year, it looks bright from the get go
  • Frisbee will happen next year. I'll build the empire, and we will be victorious.

Alrighty, so, thats last post in a nutshell. Feel free to read it if you want, this is just for the sake of you illiterate folk. Whats new in my life? Well, its 10:05, and I've got nothing to do. Thats why I'm here, because there's nothing new.

Umm. yeah. Have a nice night everybody.

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riss. said...

oh man, you could have told me that you were going to post a synopsis before I read that novel. haha. oh well, its good. and I love the LOVE analogy.