Thursday, January 19, 2006

Broadcasting to Nowhere

I firmly believe that somewhere in the middle of nowhere there is a radio tower that is just broadcasting an amazing array of all sorts of fun stuff, and that it's being heard by absolutely no one. If I was a rich man, I'd put a hidden radio tower in the middle of the Sahara, broadcasting dating tips, today's lucky lotto numbers, and all your classic rock favorites. Nobody would hear it for years, but when one sorry stranger walks through the desert, and picks up my frequency, he's gonna laugh and laugh like an idiot cause its gonna be so funny, and that will make it worth it. All run on sentences aside, I know that nobody has read the last post by the time I'm writing this. I write this because I want to, but it'll be short.

Today has been a spectacular day. I conquered my fear of the oval and went today, but it was closed, bahahaha. So, we did some ridiculously hard workout in the auditorium. It was amazing, just super tough, but made you feel really great a couple hours later. I loved it to the max.

School was super easy, tomorrow ought to be super easy too. Lunch was delicious, I still love lantus. It reminds me of 7th grade when I didn't have to do anything to have amazing numbers, it's great. Drivers ed ought to be fun. There were some acutely dissappointing things about today, but that's alright. Me and kyle won the hottest warcraft game ever today. 'Twas a nice day really.

Tomorrow I leave for scout camp. It ought to be fun, but it's gonna be crazy cold. Cold like a clamshell. I'm debating whether or not I want to go sleep in the snow caves. Word on the street is that they;re warmer than tents, but it's still a little nutty. Anywhom, I'm gonna write a pretty fun writeup on it when I get home, and I promise it won't be long, and there won't be any philosophy whatsoever. It'll be great.

So... I think that's it. Wow, short action. Not short like short people short, just short like hop on pop short. I'm a terrible person, cause really short people make me laugh. Like, when two really short people walk by in T-ville holding hands, I always chuckle. I know, I'm a bad person.

Well, aight y'alls, tis bed time. Have a dandy one. *toodles*

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