Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Hooblay. It's Wednesday, January 11th, 2006, 10:10 PM, and I feel a little bit like singing.

Why? Well, that's a fair question. Has there been some miracle in my life? Did I win something? Has anything good happened? Well no, not really, but its really alot of good things adding up. Are these "new" good things? Nah, they're the same old same old, but tonight I'm just more appreciative of them.

2nd term is nearly over, we're 1 day from being 50% done with the year. It definitely doesn't feel like it's been half of the year. I'm not changing my schedule much, except I'm moving into drivers ed for third instead of fitness for life. Fitness for life was really fun, I enjoyed it alot. I got to be a hero for one day, and that was just quality. I got to pretend to be canadian, pretend to be good at basketball, and above all, complain that we never played frisbee. I'm excited to move on though. I'm very excited to not have to hear about a certain person's girlfriend every day. That was getting old pretty fast.

Drivers ed ought to be good. Driving will be nice, that's for sure. It will just be a convenience really. Sure I'll never have a car, but maybe I'll buy a crap car during the summer if I get th carpet job again. Fix it up, see what I can do. That'd be nice. Im hoping there are cool people in my class, I already know there are going to be a few.

Right now on my schedule I definitely don't have a 1st period. It's just blank. I think that means I have to go to mass change day, and that makes me want to pee my pants in rage. Maybe I'll just go talk to hansen tomorrow and see what I can do.

I've realized lately that I really like science, and I really like whiteboards. And I realized that alot of people don't get physics or chemistry. I think that means that I like helping people. I honestly do like it though, its fun. I wouldn't mind just tutoring people after school sometimes, I think it'd be a good thing to do. Chances are I'll not do it, simply because there's not much oppurtunity for me to do it. Maybe next year though.

I want an office at the school. I want a place to hide all my frisbees for my mutant frisbee league, and a place to hang a whiteboard so I can explain momentum to people. Maybe i'll have to tie up the janitors and hijack on the of the closets.

Ooooh, that brings me to my next point. I'm tired of people blowing things out of proportion. "AHhh! The US has secret prisons in Europe! AHHHH! We're terrible people!" Guess what, chances are we need secret prisons in Europe. I personally feel safer. For some reason, I trust the government. Call me crazy, but I like to believe in the people that have been elected to make choices for me. I'd rather not sit around and wait for a paper to come through the fax before we arrest some guy who's gonna blow my family up. There's a reason the prisons are there people. Think about it. It's not like we're just a bunch of idiots running around with alot of money here.

Also, people who are worried about their phonelines being tapped: If the CIA hasn't read this worthless blog yet, im sure you've got nothing to worry about. I've mentioned peeing my pants with rage who knows how many times, and I haven't ever seen a spike in traffic. I figured peeing my pants on purpose is as big of act of terrorist as anything else. So, say bomb, bush, and duct tape all you want in the same sentece, chances are nobody is gonna listen to you. Even the guy you want to hear it.

So, I'm pretty happy tonight. There are problems in the world. And that makes me happy.

Just kidding, it doesn't make me happy, but despite the problems in the world, I am happy. There's something going on right now that I don't understand, and can't do anyting about, but since there's nothing I can do about it I'm just doing my best to not stand in the way of the train. I once knew a man that stood in front of a train. He got hired by wendy's to be their spokesperson.

I talked to my doctor today. He suggested some ointment.

You know one thing I really like about Melissa? She's very thorough.

Did you know that I went an entire post without mentioning frisbee once? That's amazing.

I love one-liners. They've only got one line, and they're like, one.

When it comes down to it, its snowing outside. Snow is good. It gives moisture. Moisture is good, it gives life. Life is good, it gives.....more life.

Can you tell I'm trying to be funny and just sucking at it? I sure can, but you know what, I smile anyways. I smile because life doesnt suck. Even if sometimes it's not the best in the world, its really the roxxorz in the end. Why? Cause I can type in l33t all I want, and there's no chinese censor deleting this trash. Cause downstairs, my mom is sitting reading the paper, and she's the best cook I've ever seen. My pops is watching simpsons, and he's just a stallion. He's got one kidney, he's a heck of a scoutmaster, and he makes fun of the same people I do. In 8 hours, I'm gonna wake up, and say "Good crap, it's too early" but Im gonna roll out anyways, and go to school, and enjoy it. Cause MJ can't live forever. Cause there's gonna be snow frisbee on friday. Cause my mouse has a right click. Cause Andrew's got hot chops. Cause Michael gets home in 5 months. Cause my sister still calls me "little one" and then gets mad when I can her "Big Steph". Cause no matter what, life goes on. Cause I wake up, and don't wanna wake up, and cause I go to bed, and don't wanna go to bed. Cause muscle weighs more than fat. Cause my great great great great great great great great grandpappy got pulled back in the mayflower. Cause google is taking over the world, and I'm with them every step of the way. Cause someday, my pancreas is gonna be better. Cause until then, i've got miracle drugs. Cause I love scriptures. Cause I can run a mile in 8 minutes and STILL feel good about myself. Cause I sluffed track today, because I'm fat and don't fit in, but I had fun playing Xbox by myself anyways. Cause all in all, last year was amazing. Cause I hang out with 12 year olds, and they're not even tall. Cause I hang out with 12 year olds, and they think I'm cool cause I AM tall. Cause even though you don't know what to do, you know that you can do something, and that it'll be ok somehow. Cause one day, we're all gonna be partying down. Cause some day I'm gonna be in love, and there's gonna be nobody to tell me I'm a sinner. Cause I can only learn more from here. Cause the word marches on. Cause open source is going to smite thee. Cause wikipedia makes me smile. Cause Olsen can only keep that mullet for so long. Cause kyle learned to tie his own shoes. Cause Levi is one funny stallion. Cause James needs an obligatory comment too. Just kiddin, cause James is as nerdy as me. Cause even though I'm gone, the world can still run itself without me. Cause even though I'm just a billionth of this world, I can make a difference. Because the future holds more than the past. Because the past has a tendency to repeat itself. Because there's more cookie dough to come. Because my metabolism is faster than greased lightning. Because things are going to be ok. Because paper, and paper products make my life better. Because some guy named frisbie made a pie tin, and then some guy ripped off the design and made a flying toy. Because my brothers made me who I am. Because the church is true. Because I've got a comfy bed. Because I know where I came from, and where I'm going. Because I'm not gonna fade away. Because some of you might forget, but I know somebody is going to remember me, someday. Because its almost the end of the term, and I survived. Because I don't have to hear about lily anymore. Because I like stuff. Because my lungs work great. Because there are people out there that are so funny, they just make you laugh. Because there are whiteboards. Because my mom and dad are so cool. Because my brother made me love science. Because Peck didn't kick me off the nerd team. Cause Tanner didn't work for sharpe. Because Kyle has mad dancing skills. Because time doesn't stop. Because the algebra test isnt on this terms grade. Because of veterans. Because of darren gardner making me nerdier than I already was. Because My dad works in the basement of a funeral home, and I still think he's cool. Because maybe something I've done has made somebody's life just a little bit better. Because even when I think life sucks, it's still funny how crappy it is. Because I can't noscope, and I'm ok with that. Because tomorrow is another day. Because I've still got morris' space cadet ticket. Because morris makes me chuckle. Because I'll never be locked inside Eisenhower again. Because Tanya was so good looking, I ran cross country. Because Joey won't shutup about youth council. Because someday, I'm gonna play ultimate again. Because of all the days I have played ultimate. Because of that one time at band camp. Because of all the times something has left me amazed. Because there's a nerf dart that's been stuck to the wall for more than 4 years, and it's not coming down any time soon. Because Nathan is going to be ridiculously successful in his life. Because somebody was smart enough to invent the garbage can. Cause I've got 10 fingers, and they work great. Because my grandma is so cool. Because my dad can fix anything. Because somewhere along the line I realized that life is going to be ok. Because I have glasses. Because I still laugh whenever I think that I'm living a lie. Because there's somebody out there who's going to make me happier than ever before. Because air smells so dang good in your nostrils. Because someday, I'm going to learn how to make my hair look cool. Because there's always another region dance. Because the russians used a pencil. Because of winn dixie. Because Nick is going to kick butt on the ACT, even though I don't want him to beat me. Because I helped someone get physics. Because some people are just nice, and they don't have to be. Because Kerry didn't win. Because the ozone keeps me from getting fried. Because we made it to the moon. Because of the childproof caps on all the pills. Because Leland Black is still the coolest kid ever. Because one day, I'm gonna have kids, and they're gonna be freaky. Because I can write my name in the snow. Because I love precipitation. Because I never finished snake, but it was fun just trying. Because I got to dance, and wear a lavender shirt. Because I got to be there. Because I'm ok, and you're ok. Because death isn't the end. Because it didn't happen by chance. Because for a little bit, things were perfect. Because things are going to be perfect again. Because freedom is on the march. Because Kyle has a hot audio device. Because Sylvia is probably wondering when I'm gonna mention her. Because now I feel obligated to mention jenny too. Because they're both pretty cool. Because my frisbee lights up. Because malt-o-meal makes dang good cereal. Because Marshmallow mateys have marshmallows. Because my scout shirt is way too small. Because of daylight savings time. Because hitler didn't win. Because of the atonement. Because of silly puddy. Because of all the amazing things we get to be around every day. Because of photosynthesis. Because life has meaning. Because my kidneys aren't dead yet. Because chicks dig scars. Because the sandlot is an inspiration. Because of marie curie. Because of fire extinguishers. Because one of them got out. Because I have examples. Because somebody believes in me. Because hall tag is just so much fun. Because the American Flag makes me smile. Because there's nothing like waking up to a bowl of fruit loops. Because we took nationals. Because we routed orion in round 2. Because I grew up on old school. Because no matter what they say, you're still you. Because Josh Groban isn't even good, but if y'all like him its alright. Because I love trees. Because I'm not dead yet. Because open office is a free alternative to microsoft office. Because I'm not even good at DDR. Because I've got good shoes. Because my parents love me. Because I've got great friends. Because there's just something cool about Glen. Because Jason Liu lets us make fun of him. Because curly fries are the most delicious form of potato.

That's why life rocks. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Which Melissa were you talking about?

CJThatcher said...

I picked the name "Melissa" because its a very general name. There is truly nobody named melissa that im infatuated with, or whatever I might have implied. Its just a nice girl name. So, in reality, you could substitute any name there and it'd work just as well. Hooblay!

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Nick said...

Me, do good on a test? Especially the ACT? Doubt it.