Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Frisbee Photos 1

More to come as soon as blogger decides it doesnt hate me.

Lit shot in dark.

a warp.

The logo, plus my shadow.

Upside down, lit, on the shipping box

Sitting on Andrew's office chair, taken from an angle. Looks like a saucer

One of the cooler warps. I hope you appreciate how hard it is to throw a frisbee with your left hand, take a picture with a digital camera in your right hand, while factoring in wind speed, the 3 second delay before it actually takes a picture, and the lack of focus.

Bet you can't guess that this is a warp.

Ahhh, an orange death noodle.

why you don't feed worms phosphorous.

Hiding in the corner with my computer wires

Lit, on top of the shipping box

Closeup of wires

Really cool warp sequence, one of the best

More warp

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a pretty cool frisbee!Well, have a great day! Have fun!!!