Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Parting Glass

Good evening. It's 10:12, normal people start getting ready for bed now. Me, I start writing. I have no idea why, but here I am, and I've started this, so I'm going to finish it.

It's getting kind of lonely just chilling here, watching the sagebrush go tumbling by. Maybe something exciting will happen to me while I sit in my office chair once again... There was a time when this desk was a center of action and happenings, when a new adventure awaited me every time I sat down. Now, it's a monotonous cycle of "anyone fun online? Nope" "Wanna play warcraft?.....dang, we lost again." And the ever classic "wanna play warcraft, I bet we can win this time!"

Maybe it's time to find some real friends? Nah, that's way too much effort man.

Nah, but life has been pretty good this week, not much to complain about. Late start days are just amazing, you can't beat them. I had the most absolutely wonderful morning. I got up at 7:30, and just took it easy. Sure, I was about 10 minutes late to school, but it was worth it. Who wants to rush in the morning, and start your day off like crap? It's much more fun to just lounge about, and be comfortable getting ready. I love late start days.

The new semester started, and it's a whole lot like the first semester. The only difference is drivers ed instead of fitness for life, Kevin Barrett in my chem class, and about 50% the people in physics. Aside from that, school is the same. Still no classes with the twins, still only a couple with kyle. I was sort of hoping for a mass musical chairs sort of deal, but it didn't come, and that's cool.

I'm excited for drivers ed, I'm thinking it's going to be very very useful to be able to drive. That opens up my potential for travel alot;). I've got some secret plans with a car, and I'm excited. Sure, I won't be able to drive till the last week of school, but it's still going to be dandy.

Oh man, scariest thing ever in English today. We got split into assigned groups, and our job is to save the world. We've got to research some terrible things that are happening to kids in the world, make a killer presentation on it, find a solution, and then start the solution. So, I got a really good group actually. We went over the group jobs as a class, and then Ward gave us some time to figure out who was going to do what. Now, in almost any group I'm always going to end up being the "leader". I used to be a jerk about having to be in charge, but now I just kinda let things flow, and I usually end up the leader anyways. I don't have a problem with that, it's cool. Anyways, as soon as we break into groups to do our thing, some new girl that came to the school like, 3 days ago, totally starts dictating the meeting, she was going crazy!

And I'm thinking "No way! That's my job, she can't be the dictator!" But she did it anyways! To tell you the truth, I'm a little afraid of her. In most group situations I sit there and try and force good ideas out of people, and when that doesnt work, I resort to a tactic Andrew taught me.

"Dude, its not fair for you to give out all the good ideas, and we know that they're not going to give out any good ideas. So the trick is to feed them your good ideas subliminally, and then let them regurgitate them for you. They think they've done a good job, and you've got a good idea on your hand." -Andrew

So, I'm totally playing the laid back, let's-see-what-happens card, and she just jumps in and goes crazy! She had fire in her eyes. She wanted to be the manager like crazy, it was hilarious. She wanted it more than kyle and I suck at warcraft. Luckily, the "manager" position requires mad computer skills, and she admits that she doesnt have them.

Rahaha, so I got the job anyways, even though crazy nazi-dictator-take-thatcher's-job girl wanted it. I honestly am a little afraid of her though, because she's just gonna keep going crazy. Oh well, perhaps we'll be able to find a solution, like ridelin for the power hungry. She was nice though, just crazy!

I've been listening to one song straight for the last 2 days. It's a pretty fun one, but my dad is getting very tired of hearing it. Yay for headphones and bagpipes.

For some reason I was on a DDR fetish for the past day because I played it at Courtney's on tuesday. I was waiting all day through school to come home and play, and then when I finally got home i totally forgot about it. I remembered at scouts, and came home and realized that I hadnt played in months and that I wasn't even good. It's alright though, after an hour I got to be alright again, it's good fun. You've got to love DDR. It has nothing to do with dancing, and it's an amazingly simple game, but its got an elegance to it. It's just fun. Someday I'd like to be good.

I'm still a slacker with the whole track situation. I still can't convince myself that it's something that I've committed to do. Normally I'm fine doing whatever for whatever team im on, but not now. Everyday I think to myself "No way am I going to practice, thats just crazy talk." And so I dont. But it's alright, I still scored a nice 24 hour fitness pass out of the deal. So me and Jason went over there today. We have no idea what practice was for track. We assume the team went to the oval. But since me and Jason dont have a car, and I definitely dont have money, we walked to 24 and got a killer workout. Maybe someday I'll have raging muscles. w00tah.

Andrew showed me a way cool online calendar thing. It's free, and the best one either of us have ever seen. It's got a very google-esque feel to it. So, if any of you have been searching for a quality online calendar deal like I have, search no more.

There's a region dance this saturday, and I'm just ever so excited for it. I don't care how lame I am, I like em. There's something very cool about sweating all over the place in your nice shirt and dress pants, and then asking girls if they want to stand next to you for the next 3 minutes while you make lame jokes, smell funny, and drip on them. It's powerful fun, and the cookies aren't bad either. I think everybody should go. Me and kyle are gonna be there, and that means it's automatically a rockin' party. Region dance for life!

I'm definitely liking this snow. I love when it's the middle of the day, and it's all stormy outside, so it's dark. Its not the 'inversion' style of dark, its another one. It's more gray, and a bit darker. I don't know why, but I just love that. It makes the world seem alot smaller and alot closer together. I know I'm a little crazy, but clouds make my day.

Good crap, I still love this song.

I'll admit, I do miss being on the nerd team. It was a rush. They were the glory days, but as Levi has repeatedly reminded me, I can't go back, I've got to move on. Oh well :(.

That's right, that's at least 2 emoticons I've put in this crazy blog. you want a piece?

My family has always been very traditional about everything. We are rather afraid of change. Well, not necessarily afraid, but we're very happy with things the way they are. When we go out to eat, we go to the same restaurant every time, and order the same thing. It's cheap, and its amazing food. We're yet to find any mexican food anywhere that can beat it. Thus, we go there every week. Is there a problem with that? Why pay more for food that's not going to be as good? Thus, logically it makes sense to go to the same place and order the same thing every time. Sure, its a little embarassing that all the waiters recognize us as soon as we walk in, and ever more embarassing that they know our orders, but not our names. Oh well. When I start dating I'm going there for every date. Girls that don't like mexican food, well, you're out of luck.

Anyways, back to being traditional. Andrew is probably the worst one, with me coming in second. Andrew is dreadfully opposed to change. We decorated our Christmas tree different this year, and he freaked out. He mentioned it every day, it was hilarious. Has anybody noticed he only has orange shirts? You know why? It's cause thats what mom told him he liked back in the day, and now thats what he likes. He's happy where he is, and he doesnt want to change.

Well, Stephanie is some sort of radical free thinker. Now that she's got a job and money, she's made it her goal to modernize the Thatchers. She was responsible for the crazy decoration of the tree. Most recently, she's introduced this crazy new fad puzzle Suduko, or however you spell it.

So, pops decided that that was one of the things we were gonna do for scouts tonight, and it was pretty fun. It's a way cool puzzle, and pretty challenging. It's good times I tell you. If stephanie keeps this up, we'll all be normal in like, 4 years. That's just a scary thought there.

Is anyone else tired of chemistry? Ooooh oooh, pick me.

I've decided that I'm not quite so afraid of my cell phone anymore. Does this mean that I'm ever going to call anyone but my parents? No, but this just means I don't have to hide from it at night anymore.

Don't you love how random and disjointed this madness gets in the end? I keep thinking that there might be something else that I want to talk about, and so I hesitate to just end the post. I end up putting down a ton of stuff, but none of it connects, and its all just random stuff I feel like talking about for a couple lines and then quitting. Is that annoying? I sort of like it. I don't know though, I've got nothing to compare it to! Bunch of slackers.

Well, I guess I ought to go start my chem homework. It's not too bad. Oh my goodness! I'm about to fold my hundredth work unit for F@H. I know that none of you know what I'm talking about, and even fewer of you care, but I'm excited. Hooray for protein folding.

Well, it's time for me to retire. You've read long enough I figure. Comments are appreciated, but not necessary. Maybe someday I'll migrate to a place where you can all write cool stuff. There are some options out there, but I'm pretty happy with my current home. When Frisbee season starts I'm going to move somewhere else, to make things easier, but thats not till next year. As for now, I'm staying here, not writing about anything in particular until I get a grand idea. My audience has shrunk considerably now that none of my friends are in banking and finance. Now they don't have an hour to waste on the internet every other day, so they don't visit anymore. Awww:(. (Thats 3 emoticons!) But with all those parentheses and periods, you can hardly tell what the original intention was. Well y'alls, it's time for me to exit. but remember:

Life is good, not bad. When it's bad, it's cause it's about to get good. When you're at the bottom, you can only go up, but that doesnt mean that it's a good idea to try to suck anyways. Remember why you do stuff, and what the end goal is. Don't do drugs. Stay in school. Chances are the NBA isn't going to draft you, so you might want to get some real skills in the meantime. DVD's hold more than CDs, its time to get a burner. There is life outside of frisbee, and there is life outside of this office chair. People aren't as scary as they look. They're kinda cool to get to know. Be nice to everybody, cause one of these days you're not gonna have time to explain where you're going with this conversation, and someone is gonna get their feelings hurt. Be the good guy. Don't just make the good choice, make the better choice. Sure, it's ok to say I didnt tag you in capture the flag, but is it honest? Love everybody, cause everybody has got something cool in them. If you ever have the oppurtunity, learn to play the bagpipes, and get a scottish accent. Sign up for the talent show, everybody cool is doing it. Remember the resources that you have, and use them whenever you can, there's a reason that they're there. Don't lie, it only hurts people. I don't believe that there is ever a time when lying is a better choice than telling the truth. Wear sunscreen. There's a region dance coming up, and it's going to be amazing. Work hard. Don't be a slacker. Don't be afraid to break a sweat, it makes you feel better in the long run. Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated. Avoid soda pop, its bad for you. Diets are probably a bad thing. When in doubt, it's best to do all you can to figure stuff out. Don't be content with mediocrity. You're not meant to be mediocre. You are built to rise above the rest, and to make something out of yourself. Don't be happy to wallow away among the masses. Don't justify yourself based on what others have done. Take responsibility for your own choices. Maybe some people have done things to you that suck terribly, but there's a time where we must accept our past, and work to make our future better. When we make good choices, good things happen to us. When we work to make our futures brighter, our futures truly become brighter. When we trade the future for the present, our futures dry up and die, and the present of tomorrow sucks big time. Don't be afraid to share. Don't be afraid to spend a little money having fun. Remember that if it's a fight between google and microsoft, google always wins. Cancer is real, someday one of us is probably gonna have it. But it probably won't beat us, that's what's so cool about it. I can drive fine, no matter what that stupid checkbox says. When you're curious, it's probably best to ask a question. Just because someone said it, and then someone quoted them, it doesn't mean it's true. It doesn't really matter what other people think about your socks, as long as you like them. Coats are a wonderful thing. When it's cold outside, it's best to wear a coat. They keep you warm and comfortable. Why would you not want to be warm and comfortable? Practice makes everything better. It's amazing what practice will really do. Believe in yourself. Believe in others, there's alot of power in people that we never see. Whatever it is you're doing, do it well. A sincere complement to a total stranger has a tendency to change their week. Don't be afraid to be afraid of some stuff. Say what you want, because by the time someone else reads it, you will have forgotten what you wrote. Do your best, there's no reason not to. You're going to school for a reason dummy. Why are our lives better than starving children? Because more is required of us. We will be held to a higher standard. Rambling lists sound so noble. Remember who you are, and where you're going in life. Remember what you want, and do what you can to get it. Don't be a pushover. It's always good to end on a high note. Remember, that the one thing that humans are the worst at is remembering. We forget what makes us happy, we forget where we're going, where we come from. We forget what happens when we put our finger in the electrical socket. Remember to remember, and you'll do alright.

Christopher Thatcher, out.

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