Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I gave my sister a stapler submerged in Jello for her birthday.

I'm not gonna lie; it was pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

that's hilarious.
i have that bowl! *gasp*
i love "the office"

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Meliss said...

Haha! thats amazing! i should have given my sister something like that... got any ideas that i could give to my dad?

Kortney said...

I'm with Melissa on this one. My dad's birthday's pretty soon. Haha. Nice work!

Nathan said...

Once again, Chris Thatcher snatches hero status. Brilliance, that is!

Courtney said...

oh man, i didn't get a stapler in jello for my birthday! i'm so jealous!! ;)

that's a pretty sweet present, thatcher. way to go. ;)

Rachel Frost said...

That is awesome. Totally like Jim on the Office. Except, for cereal this time. Sweet stuff, Thatch.