Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Click to enbiggen. This is tonight's post. Another sketch in paint. It evolved as it went. Interpret as you'd like. There's much that could be said. Perhaps it shall be said later. But by later, the stuff that will need to be said will be different than the stuff that needs to be said tonight. So, I go. Tomorrow I gotta work hard.

Tomorrow will be better. I'm going to work on history tomorrow, no battle. G'night all.


Anonymous said...

My doodles with my eyes closed look better.

Courtney said...

i think it's a very good doodle, thatcher. did you actually do homework?

Nick said...

Well, that's not very nice. It's a lot better than the stuff I do. And you can't really make claims like that until you've done a doodle better than that with your eyes closed. So show me one, and I might be inclined to believe you.